• The Bureau of HIV/AIDS has used AIDS Drug Assistance Program money to pay the salaries of officials with little or no role in administering the program. The report cites the example of program coordinators, and one “Senior Health Program Specialist” whose salary is paid through the Ryan White program despite having a “primary duty” with no relation to Ryan White.
  • The Bureau of HIV/AIDS was awarded $3.05 million to take 357 clients off the waiting list, but these funds do not show up in financial reports provided by bureau. The report recommends that the bureau provide documented expenses for the use of those funds, with a list of the 357 clients taken off the waiting list.
  • The program developed an ineffective cost-containment strategy. The report lists at least five cost-containment strategies that need to be implemented to continue to reduce the number of patients on the waiting list.
  • The Florida Department of Health’s inability to manage the Ryan White grant has resulted in the current deficit, which jeopardizes access to HIV services and medications. The reports calls on the department to ensure that Ryan White funds provide access to comprehensive high-quality community-based care for low-income individuals and families living with HIV.
  • Despite reports of quarterly meetings between state HIV/AIDS officials and local patient care staff, there is no documented proof of communication, collaboration and coordination.

Tom Liberti has not responded to The Florida Independent’s inquiries about how the Bureau of HIV/AIDS is implementing the federal report’s recommendations. #

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