Don’t we all dread repairs, especially if it’s a yearly occurrence. That dreaded hurricane season every June can leave a dent not just on your roof but also your pocket. Every year we witness storms that wreck devastation to property and civilisation. The damages caused by a hurricane average at a staggering $21.6 billion. If you live in a hurricane prone region, surely a sizeable chunk of your repairs are centred around hurricane repairs.

Preventive home improvement is the way forward for building homes that can withstand hurricanes. If you’re wondering how, you have arrived at the right place! No, it’s not as expensive as it seems. Florida’s updated Building Codes have homeowners up to speed with mandatory requirements for hurricane-resistant homes.

Here’s our checklist on simple and easy methods to fortify your home through every hurricane season without incremental touch-ups

Impact-Resistant Windows

Often times, it’s not the external of your home, but the internal damage caused by broken windows that pinches the pocket. With Hurricane Katrina, impact-resistant windows are the need of the hour for every household in coastal areas. Not only will a poorly done window give way to strong winds, it also paves the way for the hurricane to wreak havoc indoors. Hurricane-proof windows are double-paned with air-tight seals and strong laminations. They work to keep the winds at bay and protect valuables indoors that are easily susceptible to damage.

Steel Straps & Shingles

Steel straps are perfect for those stubborn winds that sometimes blow off roofs. Research says not having steel shingles or lesser steel shingles in your structure are likely to have roofs blow off in hurricanes. Securing walls and roofs with galvanised steel straps is a must-have to make your home hurricane-resistant. These are especially handy for garages, porticos and outdoor roofs that are sometimes not supported by walls. Fixing steel straps on existing homes can be a task. It is best installed in newly-constructed homes. Prepare to shell out some extra bucks if you are looking to fix steel straps in your existing home. It will also require considerable manhours and skill to create a retrofit enhancement.

Concrete Structure & Pilings

Experts swear by concrete structures to help beat stubborn hurricanes. Concrete is poured into the entire structure of the home, lending it a sturdy and durable ensemble. Concrete pilings are nothing but elevated concrete surfaces upon which a structure stands. Needless to say, this architectural element needs to be introduced at the time of construction. The elevated stance with pure concrete lends a strong foothold to your home that can brave strong winds and storms.

Wind Obstruction

One of the simplest methods of blocking out or slowing down harsh winds is creating external elements that soften the impact of the winds. This could range from tall trees, a wind harness or even just a compound wall. These options are handy as retrofit features, when your home is already built but without hurricane-proof features. Simply introduce these elements for a convenient shield from those yearly weather woes. What’s more, they can also be common proofing mechanism for your home as well as your neighbour’s, making hurricane-proofing a cheaper affair.

Sieve Shakers

A great way to ensure your home is built on strong ground is by employing the use of a sieve shaker in construction. Sieve shakers are machines that promise durable construction of structures by analysing particles and placing them in a way that are sure to withstand hurricanes. Sieve shakers help assess the distribution of particle sizes by allowing materials to pass through a sieve. This enables the larger construction materials to stay above smaller particles, thus facilitating some sturdy construction. This process is a cornerstone in civil engineering and is certain to create structures that brave even the harshest of hurricanes.

The devastation caused by hurricanes is tremendous to man and property. While some damage is unavoidable to external elements in civilization, don’t let your home fall prey to its devastation. Steer clear from yearly repairs to your home by following these simple and durable hacks to fighting hurricanes. Invest in these preventive practices prior to the onset of those mighty winds and bid goodbye to heavy damage. Happy home improvement!

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