The food truck build industry is blowing up from coast to coast. Millions of foodies are getting innovative cuisine creations from faire you can’t find in restaurants, and food truck owners are grossing an average of $300K a year living their dream.

If you have aspirations to enter this exciting industry as the newest entrepreneur chef, you will need to seek the best custom food truck builder to create the foundation of your business.

The Complete Guide of Food Truck Build

This is where you don’t want to skimp; your ability to run at full efficiency, attracts crowds, and generate revenue relies on the best food truck build. Here are six things you don’t want to skimp on in so you can be the next big hit on the streets.

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1. High Quality Food Truck Platform

Don’t be tempted to buy a previously owned food truck or skimp on a design with second-rate parts.

One of the leading reasons why food truck owners have to close shop is they ran into multiple repair bills that prevented them from working high-peak hours while having to pump money into repairing inferior vehicles.

You actually save money when you invest in high-quality food truck builds; the only costs regularly incurred are routine maintenance thus allowing you to have peace of mind and work those money-making hours without interruption.

2. Food Truck Equipment

How successful can your burger food truck be if your equipment breaks down all the time?

When you invest in high-quality griddles, broilers, ranges, stoves, fryers and refrigerators you know your product will stay fresh and be cooked and served to perfection.

3. Branding and Design

People eat with their eyes before the food goes in their mouth, and the visual appeal begins with the look of your food truck.

Would you line up to eat food from a plain colored food truck, or one with mediocre branding? Competition is fierce and there are a lot of good looking food trucks out there with designs letting people know their food is just that good.

Invest in a high-quality vinyl wrap. Most custom food truck builders create branded designs and install the vinyl wrap themselves, saving you money and time from having to seek a second party.

4. Menus and Technology

 The tech boom has already come, and we are still in the midst of it. Consumers love technology; they are drawn to it and they love its time-saving benefits.

When you invest in big bright LED menu with a mobile app that allows customers to pre-order their food, you will be the new favorite on the block.

5. Sound System

When you have chill beats to play, customers will be more inclined to line up at your food truck for the entertainment value. Some nice cube speakers with surround sound will provide enough music for the immediate area without bothering neighbors.

You can even step up your game further by including a digital juke box so customers can hear their favorite songs while waiting to feast on your tacos.

6. Security System

A good food truck can start at $100K and go up, based on your needs. Your food truck equipment is worth thousands, and people know it. The last thing you want is for your business to cave because someone decided to break into your truck and steal all the equipment.

Be sure to have your food truck builder install a security system that can be monitored from your mobile phone anywhere there is an Internet signal.

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