With the average international trip costing at least $3,000, if you’re looking to make use of your passport, you might feel stifled by the cost of traveling. Instead of fretting about that trip to Paris, why not check out more budget-friendly countries?

Because of the strength of the American dollar, you can travel to lots of places in the East or Carribean for less than a trip to New York or Los Angeles.

Try out these 4 inexpensive locations for your next vacation.

1. Vietnam

If you’ve never been to southeast Asia, it’s worth the adventure. In the decades since the war with Amerca, there have been considerable changes in Vietnam’s structure but not its beauty.

It’s a very welcome place for visitors from all over the world, even from the West. The lovely deltas and beaches are a fantastic place to lose a day or two in the sun.

They also have some of the best food in the East. For just a couple of dollars, you’ll be eating the best pho in the world.

2. Thailand

Backpackers around the globe love what Thailand has to offer. While it’s got its share of bustling urban centers, there’s still a lot of cultural heritage across the country, and of course the national sport Muay Thai.

Along the beaches, you’ll find beautiful huts for rent along with delicious cuisine that will set you back pennies on the dollar.

You could book an entire leg of your journey for less than a bus from DC to New York.

3. South Africa

Between the African safari opportunities and the beautiful places to go hiking, you’ll find there’s plenty to do in South Africa at a low price. There’s plenty of great food to be had inside and outside of the cities.

Take a few days to enjoy Cape Town and all of the music and culture it has to offer. Now that the country has a more proportionately representative democracy, there’s more room for traditional South African culture to thrive.

4. Cuba

In recent years, American and Cuban relations have gotten better. Now that tensions have resolved, it’s a great time to go and visit.

In coming years, there’s sure to be a lot of changes to the island that could transform it into something generic and unrecognizable. Go and visit now while you can enjoy some of the rich cultural traditions before they’re changed permanently.

Eat some ropa vieja or mojo made in the traditional style after a long walk along the beach. Visit in July to take part in the Carnival celebrations.

Budget-Friendly Countries Offer New Experiences

If you haven’t been to any of the above budget-friendly countries before, you could be in for a treat. The variety of music, art, and natural environments that you can experience on an international trip are one of the best reasons to pack your bag. Let yourself forget the stress of your day-to-day routine and experience life like the resident of a foreign country for a few days.

If you plan to do some camping during your travel abroad, check out our guide for must-have gear to pack.

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