In an email sent out to supporters, Rep. Corrine Brown’s 2012 challenger Mike Yost writes that he will continue to fight against the state Legislature’s proposals for how to redraw congressional districts, saying lawmakers have “let us down” by keeping Brown’s mostly unchanged.

“Our voices told Tallahassee that we wanted Fair Districts where gerrymandering ended and compact districts and competitive races would happen We wanted to choose our Representatives, and not the Representatives choose us,” writes Yost. “Sadly, they have let us down. Corrine Brown’s District would still snake from Jacksonville to Orlando.”

Spanning 100-plus miles, District 3 stretches from Jacksonville all the way to Orlando, and even includes portions of Gainesville. It is one of the most common examples of gerrymandering in the country.

The so-called “Fair Districts” amendments — which force the state Legislature to redraw district lines so they are geographically logical and compact — passed overwhelmingly last year.

On Tuesday, Yost testified to the full Senate Reapportionment Committee against its first map proposals. According to his email, Yost has also dissected the Florida House’s maps thoroughly over the past few days. “In spite of what we felt would happen in doing the RIGHT THING, neither the House or Senate were willing to redraw Corrine Brown’s District into one that We the People asked for,” he writes.

In an email sent out two weeks ago, Yost wrote that he is prepared to file suit should the state Senate’s version be enacted into law.

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