One of our area’s mom are concerned about after birth is getting the body they had before the baby, back to them. With that, there are often questions regarding breastfeeding after implants. Like most mothers, they see the change from one end to the other and sometimes its only apparent to their own eyes. Talking with Scottsdale PS, there are many things they can do to get them back and feeling more comfortable with their bodies than ever before and Breast Implants happen to be one of the most popular of reconstructions. Whether you’re in the market for a simple lift or looking to enhance the size and look, there are many things to take into consideration when thinking about breast implant surgery.

New Mothers

As a new mom, you probably were expecting your body to change in various ways and one of those being your breasts. They, along with other parts of the body, go through a traumatic change that some just expect to bounce back after. Unfortunately for some those aren’t the results they receive.

If you are looking to schedule a breast augmentation there are some guidelines you will need to follow, especially being a new mom.

As much as you are wanting them done, more than likely, today! That might not be reasonable.
Although time does vary from mom to mom, you will need to wait until your breast milk has completely dried before jumping into the consultation room. For some mothers, that can be as little as 3 weeks after breast feeding or even for some having to wait up to 6 months for the milk duct to dry out.

The Myths

You Can’t Breastfeed with Implants

Some people have started, basically a worldwide rumor, on how you can not breastfeed if you have implants. This is simply false, and most women have no problem feeding their young while having implants.

Implants before Pregnancy Cause Sagging

This has nothing to do with the implant during your pregnancy, or after. In fact, the “sagging” is mainly caused by the hormones you are producing through your pregnancy. Anything that’s added with more weight or any change in a body, whether it be diet or pregnancy can change the shape or even posture of an implant. If this happens, however, there’s no need to go in for another augmentation surgery. If the concern is dyer, you can come in for a consultation and discuss the topic of a Breast Lift.

Certain Implants are Bad for the Baby

Some people have come to believe that no matter the implant, it can be toxic if mixed with breast milk. Rest assured that this is not very likely and wouldn’t be toxic if it were to happen. If this were to happen, however, consult your doctor to see the steps or actions you need to take.

There are many things you can investigate or research when it comes to the facts and myths when it comes to breastfeeding after implants. Any doctor should be able to tell you some of the facts or you even have the option to set up a meeting with a surgeon to discuss the topic at hand and maybe go over some steps or plans to help you keep things the way you’d like them to stay.

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