The global market for wigs grew by a staggering 30.35% in 2020. Yes, the pandemic and restricted access to professional hair stylists may have caused this initial boost. But, unlike wigs, the market continues to grow!

Using Brazilian hair or Malaysian hair extensions or wigs means you can change your style without damaging your real hair. They’re both of excellent quality, are natural, and cost around the same price. Other types of natural hair do not compare.

So, how can you choose between Brazilian vs Malaysian hair? There are some differences to know about that will help you choose the best option for your needs. Read on to discover what they are!


Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is available with straight, wavy, or curly textures. It feels natural, smooth, and soft and it has some shine. It’s ideal for people with coarser hair types looking for extensions as it blends in well.

Malaysian hair is also available with straight, wavy, or curly textures. But what sets it apart from Brazilian hair is that it feels less natural. It has a much softer, smoother, and more luxurious feel. It’s sleek and shiny which is rare to find in real, untreated hair.

Malaysian hair extensions are ideal for those with African American hair types (or similar). It tends to have more volume than Brazilian hair which tends to be fine. Malaysian hair will blend well and look natural.


Balayage hair

This is one of the biggest differences in the Brazilian vs Malaysian hair debate. If you prefer hair that has a natural color, Malaysian hair offers limited options. Native Malaysian hair is only available in dark brown or black.

Brazilian hair offers a range of options on the hair color spectrum from black through to copper. You can find colored versions but both the Brazilian and Malaysian hair price points will increase.


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Both Malaysian and Brazilian hair hold styled curls well. But Malaysian hair also stays wavy when wet. It’s often the desired type of hair for those who like to style their locks every day.

Those who choose Malaysian hair will need to follow a Malaysian hair guide because it’s the more high-maintenance option. You’ll need to wash it with a special conditioner to keep its shine.

But those who opt for Brazilian hair won’t need a Brazilian hair guide because it demands very little care. The only Brazilian hair tips you’ll need are to brush your extensions and use heat protection! For this reason, Brazilian hair tends to last longer.

Brazilian vs Malaysian Hair: Which One Is Right for You?

Choosing Brazilian vs Malaysian hair depends on your real hair type, preferred style, and the level of care you can give. If you prefer more natural hair that lasts longer, Brazilian hair is a perfect choice. But if you want luxurious curls and don’t mind the maintenance, Malaysian hair is for you.

Switching up your hairstyle is one way to refresh your look. Browse our health and fitness articles for more ideas on how to improve your appearance!

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