Brazilian butt lifts are a popular female cosmetic treatment, but have you guys heard about the Brazilian butt lift men (BBL)? Rather than rounding the curve of your back, a male BBL is considered to produce more prominent and square buttocks.

Brazilian butt lift men and women differ slightly, but both entail the transference of fat from one place to another to enhance attractiveness.

In this article, we will be discussing what Brazilian butt lift men are, what butt lift costs, what fat transfer to buttocks is, and how long does a bbl last? And a lot more, so stay tuned and read till the end if you are thinking of getting Brazilian butt lift men.

What Is “Brazilian Butt Lift Men” (BBL)?

Brazilian Butt Lift Men

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is just a cosmetic operation that includes moving fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks to increase volume and form. Brazilian butt lift men (BBL) are slightly different from those for women.

Fat is extracted from other regions of your body and redistributed to the buttocks area during the BBL treatment. The buttocks grow in prominence because of this. Consequently, they are rounder and shapelier.

It is among the most common cosmetic procedures in America.

It is among the most common cosmetic procedures in America. This sort of butt lift can help you get larger, more sensual buttocks by enhancing your body’s natural contours. It not only helps you seem younger, but it also represents a substantial difference in how your clothes fit.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that it uses the body’s natural fat to augment the buttocks. There is no need for implants or artificial substances.

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

Fat transfer to buttocks is developing as a healthy alternative to artificial implants for buttock enhancement.

This form of buttock augmentation, also known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” employs liposuction to remove undesirable fat from places such as the belly, hips, abdomen, and back muscles and uses it to generate larger, shapelier, and appealing buttocks.

Side Effects Of BBL

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Suctioned lumps beneath the skin
  • Skin loss in the treated regions because of deep infection
  • Fat emboli in the lungs or heart can be fatal.

Butt Lift Procedure For Men

Butt Lift Procedure For Men

Under general anesthesia, the Brazilian butt lift men usually take around 3 hours. The process may be classified into three categories:

  1. To make the buttocks look more prominent and athletic, the patient’s hip region and lower back would be liposuctioned initially. In some situations, liposuction might be done on other regions of the body in which there is excessive fat, such as the belly, arms, or flanks.
  2. Puregraft will purify fat suctioned from multiple spots on your body using decanting and centrifugation. This method employs a closed approach, which guarantees that no fat ever gets into contact with air. The refined fat is then placed in small, specialized syringes.
  3. The buttock will subsequently be grafted (injected) with purified fat cells. Only a tiny portion of the fat extracted (around 25%) will be suitable for re-injection. This ensures that the maximum quantity of fat is transferred to the new locations. To boost survival rates, the cells are transplanted at varying depths.

Patients will be brought to a recovery area after the surgery until they awaken from anesthesia. They would be able to go home on the very same day the treatment is performed.

Butt Lift Costs

In 2016, the estimated butt lift cost was $4,571, while buttock implants cost $4,860. These figures are based only on surgeon fees; other expenditures like hospitalization, anesthesia, and aftercare may be involved.

According to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the butt lift now costs $4,800 and buttock implants cost on average $5,482.

Be skeptical of “low-cost” procedures that appear to be too good to try. Always do your homework and make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board-certified.

The Brazilian butt lift is not covered by insurance since it is not deemed medically essential. You can work ahead of time with your provider to discover all of the costs associated and to see if any offer regular payments. Financing is another possibility.

You’ll also need to factor in recuperation time off from work, lasting up to a week.

How Long Does A BBL Last?

Brazilian Butt Lift Men

Many people considering a Brazilian butt lift are skeptical about its longevity and have questions such as “how long does a bbl last?”

You should assume the effects of a BBL will persist for several years, if not decades, depending on how well you follow your surgeon’s advice on managing your buttocks. If you maintain your BBL in a manner that optimizes your results, it could very well last for decades.

Factors That Increase The Longevity Of A BBL

Keeping A Consistent, Healthy Weight

Before undergoing BBL surgery, individuals should be near their desired body weight. Large weight loss or gain after surgery might ruin the form of the newly sculpted and contoured gluteal region.

Consume A Well-Balanced Diet

Well-Balanced Diet

BBL patients should have a nutritional diet that has the minerals and vitamins required for recovery to speed up the healing process.

After a BBL, you must wear a suitable corset or compressive clothing for a minimum of six weeks. This promotes healing and aids the skin in tightening up. Check that the clothing is sturdy and not pinching.

Too much pressure might impede blood flow, slowing the healing process.

Reduce The Amount Of Strain On Your Butt

As previously stated, high pressure in the initial stages of recovery might impede blood flow to freshly injected fat cells.

Because fat has a weak blood supply in comparison to certain other tissues, blood must flow as freely as possible. The more and more time you can remain on the side or belly, especially in the early phases, the more likely your BBL will be a long-term success.

You’ve heard the hype; you’ve read all the above information. Isn’t it time you had Brazilian butt lift men?

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