If you’re looking for braid hairstyles for women, then you’re after the oldest hairstyle by far. The interesting fact is, archeologists, believe that people started braiding their hair nearly 25,000 years ago.

However, women all over the world use braids to protect their hair from damage and beautification. Hair braids also carry vast cultural significance. Braiding your hair is not just weaving three or more strands into a single unit, rather it’s a way to express your creativity.

After reading this article, you’ll not only learn the most beautiful braid hairstyles for women but also learn how to do them yourself. So, let’s jump in.

6 Stunning Braid Hairstyles For Women

There are a bunch of braids practiced all over the world. Among these, here we compiled the six most stunning, trendy, and elegant braids. So, keep reading to get familiar with these stunning braid hairstyles for women and learn how to do these independently.

French Braid Hairstyles

French Braid Hairstyles

French braids are timeless and classy braids that you can wear for the office, gym, or special occasions. However, in french braid hairstyles, you need to add a little unbraided hair in the middle strand each time when you put hair in the middle.

How To Do
  • Take a small strand of hair from where you want to start the braid. Take a section of hair from the top of your head for a traditional French braid
  • Separate the section into three equal sections and hold them in your hand.
  • Move the right strand of hair into the middle. Then move the left strand of hair into the middle.
  • Add some unbraided hair from the right side to the right strand and move it to the center. Do the same to the left strand.
  • Repeat braiding in this pattern until no hair is added from the sides.
  • Finally, do the basic three-strand braid with the rest of the hair and secure it with hair bands.

Two French Braid Hairstyles

Two French Braid Hairstyles

Once you have mastered the french braid hairstyles, it’s time to try something new like two french braid hairstyles. Two french braid hairstyles are one of the most trendy braid hairstyles for women.

How To Do
  • Divide your hair into two parts and secure one with a clip.
  • Take one part and start the braiding in the french braid style.
  • Do the same french braid on the other part.
  • You can wrap the two braids with each other to have a braided bun. Along with braided buns, you can also try hairstyles like updos, low buns, and so on.

French Braid With Weave Hairstyles

French braid with weave hairstyles is ideal for you if you have short hair. French braid with weave hairstyles are also an excellent option for banging special occasions like proms, weddings, and parties.

How To Do
  • First, take a triangular section of hair from where you want to start the braid. Create three different strands in the section.
  • Then, take the hair extension and divide it into two halves, one thick and one thin.
  • Take the thin one and wrap it around the thick part. Thus, you’ll get three different strands around a knot.
  • Place the knot of extension hair beneath the natural hair section you took.
  • Add every three sections of natural and extension hair together and do the normal french braid.
  • Secure the end with bands and pull some hair from the braid stitches to look fluffier.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch braid hairstyles are often called reverse french braids. Unlike french braids, dutch braid hairstyles follow a classic underhand braiding technique. Hence your hair doesn’t just lie flat but rather stands out. It’s a great option for braid lovers who have curly hair.

How To Do
  • Pick up a triangular section of hair from where you want to start the dutch braid. And, divide the section into three strands.
  • Take the right strand beneath the middle section and the left strand in the middle beneath the strands.
  • Add a small section of hair to the right strand from the same side and place it in the middle.
  • Do the same on the left side. Repeat the braiding process until you reach the nape.
  • Do the regular uphand braid with the rest of the hair and secure it in the end.

Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

Cornrow braids are narrow braids, and these can create unique geometric patterns on the scalp. Although it takes some time to put in, you can go for weeks with this hairstyle. Cornrow braids are so versatile that you can do many hairstyles with them. Half cornrow and weave hairstyles, cornrow updo hairstyles, and cornrow low bun hairstyles are the trendiest cornrows braid hairstyles for women.

Let’s see how to do cornrow braids and half cornrow and weave hairstyles, cornrow updo hairstyles, and cornrow low bun hairstyles.

How To Do
  • To do simple cornrow braids, part your hair in rows from the forehead to the nape using the end of a rat-tail comb. Then, secure the rows in place with clips.
  • Take a row of hair and separate it into three sections. Like the french braid, add some hair from the sides in each braid stitch.
  • Repeat the braiding technique adding very small strands of hair in each stitching of braiding. And continue the same braiding technique for each row of hair on your head.
  • To do cornrow updo hairstyles, divide your hair into two parts- front and back. Secure the front part and make small rows of hair in the back part. Make cornrow braids with each row from the nape towards your temple. And, in the front part do t,he cornrow braids dividing the hair into small sections. When you end up braiding all the hair, tie all the braids together with a hair band at the top of your head. And it’s done.
  • To do cornrow low bun hairstyles, make cornrow braids regular. Tie the braids near the nape with a hair band. Then divide the braids into two parts and wrap them together to make a low bun.

Box Braids With Color Hairstyles

braid hairstyle

Box braids are the iconic hairstyles for afro-textured hair. In this hairstyle, all the hair is sectioned into squares and braided in these sections. Box braids keep your hair end protected and lead to healthy hair. You can do the box braids using weaves, whether you have short or long hair.

Popular box braid hairstyles include box braids with peekaboo color and multi-color box braids. Let’s see how you do a simple box braid or box braids with peekaboo color or multi color box braids.

How To Do
  • The main part of box braids is sectioning all the hair into small box sections. So, it leaves box shapes on the scalp.
  • You have to make cornrow braids with the sections of hair to make simple box braids.
  • To do box braids with peekaboo color, feed in the colored hair extensions near the nape. And add the not-colored weave in the upper part. Thus, the colored braids will remain under the black braids.
  • To do multi color box braids, you just need several colored hair extensions. Weave this colored hair and make braids. And, you’ll get multi color box braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some questions about braids and braid hairstyles for women that might peep into your mind too.

How Long Do Braids Last?

How long a braid will last depends on its type and your intention. Normally, you’d be interested in wearing traditional three-strand braids daily. But, you can expect the cornrow or box braids to stay two to eight weeks.

Braids contain some cultural entities in different parts of the world. So, the popular kind of braid depends on the location. For example, normal three-strand braids are mostly practiced in the Indian subcontinent. Among Africans, thin braids like cornrows and box braids are the most popular. French and Dutch braids are the most popular in Europe.

Do Braids Make Your Hair Grow?

The growth of your hair depends on your genetics and lifestyle. So, braiding doesn’t make your hair grow.

Do Braids Cause Hairfall?

Unfortunately, when you wear tight braiding and weaves, it causes too much tension in the follicles. And this may lead to hair fall. For instance, hairstyles like half cornrow and weave hairstyles incorporate tight braiding and the burden of extra hair on your hair. Wearing this kind of braiding may cause hair fall.

Can I Wash My Hair In Braids?

This type of question appears when you have cornrow or box type of braids. In this case, the answer is yes you can wash your hair in braids. You should wash your braided hair every two to three weeks.

The Bottom Line

Along with its rich history and cultural significance, hair braids help you to protect your hair from damage and dust. Moreover, it gives you an elegant look that you can wear for any occasion. Where braiding can be a tricky technique, hopefully, this article on braid hairstyles for women helped you manage one independently.

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