BP released this morning a wide-ranging investigation of the gulf oil spill. According to the document, the “Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report,” there was no single cause of the explosion and resulting oil spill. Instead, the disaster was a result of a number of factors.

The report says:

The team did not identify any single action or inaction that caused this accident. Rather, a complex and interlinked series of mechanical failures, human judgments, engineering design, operational implementation and team interfaces came together to allow the initiation and escalation of the accident. Multiple companies, work teams and circumstances were involved over time.

The report also lists eight “key findings” on the cause of the spill. And it also includes a number of recommendations to prevent future spills focusing on “contractor oversight and assurance, risk assessment, well monitoring and well control practices, integrity testing practices, and BOP system maintenance, among other issues,” according to the executive summary.

The report also says BP should consider broader systemic issues at play that were not taken into account in the report. “It may also be appropriate for BP to consider further work to examine potential systemic issues beyond the immediate cause and system cause scope of this investigation,” the report says.

You can read the report and executive summary, as well as a video explaining the findings, here.

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