As of June 2018, Instagram had over 1 billion active monthly users. If your business is struggling with your Instagram strategy, you need to fix it–stat.

Unfortunately, sometimes improving your social media strategy can be a bit more challenging than one may think. Fortunately, we’re here to help with these 5 proven tips for substantially growing your Instagram traffic.

Get ready to pull out all the stops and see your numbers start going through the roof.

1. Cross-promote

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You may have come up with the most clever hashtag in all of Instagram history, but it’s little good if users don’t know it exists. This is where cross-promotion becomes essential.

Invite your customers, clients, and the general public to use your brand’s hashtag and share content by publishing the hashtag on other materials. Put it on your billboards, fliers, other social media pages, receipts, and just about anywhere else people are sure to see it.

Make sure you reference it in emails or other campaigns so that very-clever hashtag gets some traction.

People are much more apt to share photos and experiences with your brand if they know of a hashtag to attach it to.

2. Reach Out to Influencers

Do you know your target audience? You should. Once you do, it’s easy to identify local “influencers” who your target audience tends to follow and listen to. Once you have a list of local influencers, visit their profiles and “turn on post notifications.”

This will let you know any time they post new content so you can interact with it regularly. Try to become one of those influencer’s favorite brands or products via these fancy editing tools.

If you play your cards right, you can eventually get one of these influencers to promote or mention your brand.

3. Make Yourself Unique

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When you’re trying to succeed, it can be tempting to model your account after other accounts that are doing well. While modeling principles is a good idea, you don’t want to look just like any other account on Instagram.

The way up is by standing out. 

Find a way to make your content recognizable as unique to your specific brand. This can be by developing a standard color scheme, photography style, using a pic collage app for certain posts, or whatever you choose.

4. Review All Tags

We are all about accessibility and transparency when it comes to customer relations. But that doesn’t mean you should allow just any photo or post you’re tagged in to show on your profile.

Change your account settings so you must approve photos and posts you’re tagged in. 

This will prevent your brand from being tagged in irrelevant or inappropriate content.

5. Develop Your Own Voice

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Just as with photos, your writing should be unique to your brand. While the photo should do most of the talking, you’re wasting a great opportunity to connect with customers by not including enough words in your post.

Telling a compelling story, including background information, or giving interesting details about your photo will make your post more shareable.

Growing Your Instagram Traffic

At the end of the day, there are many effective ways to boost your Instagram traffic, but these tried and true methods are a great start.

For more advice on social media strategy, browse the technology portion of our site. Happy Gramming! 

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