Bondi selected Cox over two other finalists, Department of Juvenile Justice assistant general counsel Haccord J. Curry, Jr. and Miami County court judge Andrew S. Hague. All were vetted by the Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission. #

“I have known Nick for nearly two decades, and I have complete confidence in his work ethic and personal integrity,” Bondi said in a statement. “Under Nick’s leadership, the Office of Statewide Prosecution will work in partnership with our elected state attorneys to protect all Floridians.” #

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As its franchise agreement with energy giant Florida Power & Light comes up for renewal for the first time in a generation, Sarasota leaders are taking the opportunity to aggressively renegotiate the terms that govern how FPL provides power to the city. And Sarasota is not alone. In their attempts to renew 30-year-old franchise contracts with cities and counties around the state, FPL and other Florida energy giants are increasingly squaring off against municipalities that are demanding shorter-term agreements and more flexibility on issues like renewable energy projects and franchise fees.