Pam Bondi, Republican candidate for Florida attorney general, responded to the recent ad by Democrats casting her as the villain in a dog custody case.

Bondi adopted a dog from a shelter after Hurricane Katrina. The dog’s original owners later tracked Bondi down and asked her to return the dog. Bondi refused, and the two sides ended up in court. Eventually Bondi returned the dog. The state Democratic Party’s ad recounted the event from the original owner’s perspective.

“Pam, like many caring people in our state, adopted a dog that was abandoned during the tragic times surrounding Hurricane Katrina,” says Bondi spokeswoman Sandi Copes. ”After a year of caring for her new pet, a woman came forward to claim the dog. Pam had concerns regarding the care and well being of her adopted pet and took the time and actions necessary to ensure that he would be in the hands of the rightful owners and would be well taken care. Once again Dan Gelber has broken all of his own campaign promises and has resorted to dirty campaigning and political tricks to try and win this election. His behavior is shameful, and calls into question that he has the integrity necessary to be Florida’s Chief Legal Officer.”

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