Movies are constantly shaping men’s fashion, and the iconic bomber jacket men wore in famous films is no exception. As seen in some of the world’s most beloved movies, the men wearing these bomber jackets are just as coveted for their good looks and undeniable charm. Moreover, there’s something about a bomber jacket for men that looks universally flattering on almost every actor, despite height and weight. Perhaps it’s the way those ribbed cuffs hug their waist and arms in just the right places.

If you’ve always wanted to cop the ever-so-famous bomber jacket men are wearing in hit movies, you’re about to find the ultimate outerwear styles. From action-packed thrillers to feel-good comedies, here are the movies (and the men in them) that shaped the bomber-jacket scene.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Who: Matthew Broderick

Bomber Style: colorblock leather bomber jacket

Released in the 80s, Broderick is nothing but a charming schoolboy that knows how to play hooky like a pro. This fact alone makes his style the ultimate bomber jacket men really want to wear to school. It’s a cool upgrade from the traditional varsity jackets that are more commonly worn in high school and college. Plus, the color block style gives it a contemporary touch that’s still a popular pattern today.

Get the look: You can easily find this men’s leather bomber jacket in faux leather if you’re trying to save money. This 80s schoolboy look is layered over a patterned sweater vest, white t-shirt, and gray tapered pants. Finish it with crisp white oxfords and square sunglasses, and you’ll be more than ready to ditch all your responsibilities.

2. Top Gun (1986)

Who: Tom Cruise

Bomber Style: leather aviator jacket with military patches

Does it really get more iconic than Tom Cruise in Top Gun? This is the aviator-style leather bomber jacket men still can’t get enough of. From its military pilot patches to perfectly distressed leather, it’s got the tough-guy details that make you want to jet off to pilot school.

Get the look: First of all, you need proper men’s aviator sunglasses to pull off this iconic fighter pilot outfit. Find one of those distressed brown leather bomber jackets for men, and pair it with slim-fit jeans and a white, crew-neck t-shirt. As for footwear, any pair of brown leather work boots will do. You can throw in a hot blonde on your neck for extra points.

3. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Who: Bruce Willis

Bomber Style: tan suede bomber jacket

You might remember Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction more for his blood-stained t-shirt, but his suede bomber jacket is equally as memorable. Next to Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Travolta, this star-packed film has been proclaimed by many as one of the greatest movies ever made. But, it also gets props for its effortless costumes, especially since this is a leather bomber jacket men can keep on wearing for decades.

Get the look: Willis plays a struggling boxer, so his outfit nails “minimalist man” down to a T. Pair a tan suede bomber jacket for men over a plain white t-shirt and light blue, straight-fit jeans. You can finish the hoestheticks look with white canvas sneakers and a brown leather belt. This outfit pairs best with a black motorcycle named Grace.

4. Casino Royale (2006)

Who: Daniel Craig

Bomber Style: brown leather bomber jacket

Known more for his crisp suits, Mr. 007 is the movie-style icon that every guy can look up to. He knows how to swoon ladies, save lives and, most importantly, pull off leather bomber jackets for men. The bomber in Casino Royale is definitely a simple leather bomber jacket men can wear for casual get-togethers and late-night parties.  

Get the look: Another nod to minimalist style, this brown men’s leather bomber jacket is paired with a grey, crew-neck t-shirt, and khaki pants. You can pull it all together with men’s shield sunglasses just for the extra “Bond” effect.

5. Drive (2011)

Who: Ryan Gosling

Bomber Style: shiny embroidered bomber jacket

Nothing screams embroidered bomber better than Gosling’s shiny satin bomber jacket in Drive. This film could’ve easily driven the satin-bomber trend (no pun intended) that’s been seen all over online trendy men’s clothing stores like Differio. While Gosling is caught between right and wrong in this film, they definitely used all the right style moves to capture this stuntman character.

Get the look: This is that satin bomber jacket men drool over because of one amazing detail: the embroidered scorpion. You already feel like a man on a killer mission in one of these men’s casual jackets. You can pair these men’s fashion jackets with dark-wash skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and white leather shoes. And don’t forget the leather driving gloves.

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