Protective body armor has been a staple for law enforcement professionals since the sixties. This piece of tactical equipment has the potential to save lives and has done it for thousands of officers facing the gun on different occasions. While officers who constantly encounter perils during their duty absolutely need protection, ballistic vests are vital for civilians as well. Here are some facts that every civilian needs to know about them.

Why should civilians invest in tactical gear?

First things first, you should have a valid reason for investing in tactical gear such as ballistic vests. Why would you want to buy one if you are not working with the police or a law enforcement agency? Here are some reasons why you may want to own a ballistic vest as a civilian.

  • Considering the growing number of violent incidents, owning gear for self-protection surely makes sense even for civilians. Essentially, body armor is meant to protect the wearer from bullets though it can offer protection against stab wounds and other injuries as well. Robberies and protests are violent enough to cause high mortality rates, so being well-protected is a smart move.
  • Civilians working in high-risk jobs should also buy essential tactical gear to ensure safety. In fact, body armor is essential for firefighters, emergency medical professionals, and bank guards. Further, diamond traders, pawnshop owners and β€œpreppers” also require it because they have to handle cash and valuables on a daily basis.
  • Ballistic vests are no longer unwieldy and cumbersome. The fact that the latest ones are lightweight and comfortable, even while they offer reliable protection, makes them a popular pick for civilians who want to go the extra mile for being safe.

Now that you understand the significance of body armor for civilians, you have good reasons to buy one. At the same time, there is another question you will probably have in mind.

Yes, civilians in the United States are legally permitted to buy body armor such as ballistic vests. There are certain exceptions, however; for example, you cannot wear body armor on school property in Louisiana. Similarly, possessing body armor is regarded as a crime in Kentucky. Before you go ahead and buy a ballistic vest, it is recommended that you check the legal implications in your state. The good news is that law is liberal in most of the states. As long as you do not have a record of a felony conviction, you can go ahead and purchase a vest online.

When you want to buy a vest, look for a site that sells quality products from reliable brands because you would not want to waste money on a piece that does not provide a desirable level of protection. Additionally, it is important that you pick the right kind of vest based on your needs. Consider aspects such as the level of protection you expect and the right size to ensure comfort and mobility. You can seek advice and guidance from an expert if you are not sure about the specifications of the vest that is apt for your needs.

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