Whenever you head out to the open water, you need to make sure your boat is stocked with the essentials. Usually, this means making sure you have things like lifejackets, flares, fire extinguishers, and the proper registration papers.

But if you have those, there are some other boating accessories that can make your boating experience more enjoyable.

Keep reading for a list of 7 items that you never knew you needed.

1. A GoPro

If you’ve never used a GoPro before, it’s time you start. These high-quality cameras let you capture pictures and videos like nothing else.

Go-Pros come with a variety of different types of mounts. You can strap it to your chest, head, or anywhere on your boat. Record your friends tubing, your dog jumping into the water, or your brother reeling in a fish. There’s even an app that lets you see what your GoPro sees and operate it remotely.

Go-Pros are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. They’re built to last and will have no issues out on the water.

Although the price of the latest models may not be as cheap as some other cameras on the market, buying an older version or a used one can help cut the cost down.

2. A Camera Tripod

Whether the camera you take with you is a Go-Pro or a different type, you’ll need a good tripod or mount.

Boat decks are not camera-friendly places. They’re unsteady, wet, and offer limited space. Yet certain tripods allow you to mount your camera safely and steadily, ensuring it won’t get damaged.

Look for cameras that have flexible legs. These will allow you to wrap the legs around different surfaces, such as flag poles, deck rails, and masts. You can then bend the tripod into a preferable position and enjoy high-quality pictures and videos.

3. Cups That Won’t Shatter

Entertaining and boat-life go hand in hand, so you need to make sure your boat has enough cups. Glass is off-limits, so look into some alternative materials.

Non-BPA acrylic cups are sturdy enough to take a tumble without a problem but still offer different design options. To match your nautical theme, look into cups with anchors or lighthouses on them. Some can even come with sea-faring words, such as “first-mate” and “crew”.

You can also buy ice buckets and water bottles to match your cups, which will help complete your transformation as the coolest boater ever.

4. A Doggy Ladder

If your dog enjoys being out on the water as much as you do, you should make sure that they can ride comfortably and safely by your side.

One way that you can make their life easier is by installing a doggy ladder. This will allow them to jump into the water, then climb back into the boat. You’ll no longer need to get scratched by their paws as you help them back up.

A doggy ladder can also work great if you have small children. They may find it easier to get in and out of the water.

Most doggy ladders are easy to attach and remove, and are lightweight. Bring it with you when you need it, then store it away when you don’t.

5. A Waterproof Bag

You always want to make sure you’re prepared when you’re out on the water, but keeping everything clean and dry can be difficult. That’s where waterproof bags or sacks come in handy.

Dry bags come with thick waterproof fabric and will keep everything safe. Store clothes, towels, or camera equipment without worry. They can also survive being submerged, as long as they aren’t underwater for long.

Choosing a bag with a strap will let you carry it on and off your boat with ease. Make sure that when you’re using it, you fold and clip the buckles to ensure it’s closed.

When looking at different color choices, consider choosing an option that’s bright and easy to see. If something happens and the bag falls overboard, it will be easy to locate!

6. A Boat Seat Umbrella

Being out on the water is great, but you know what isn’t great? Being stuck in the sun and not having any access to shade. That’s why you need a boat seat umbrella if you don’t have one.

Attachable umbrellas can be propped up anywhere on your boat and will provide you with some needed relief from the sun. Many are wide enough to cover you and another person, and also allow you to rotate it into different positions.

If you’re hit with a sudden rain shower, these umbrellas can also keep you dry from some light drops.

7. A Set of Quality Speakers

If you’re someone who enjoys entertaining while on the water, you’ll need to have some different items than those used by ordinary boaters. You have the cups, the ice, and the playlist ready. So what’s left?

A great set of waterproof speakers! These will allow you to listen to your tunes without worrying about damage. Look into speakers that are splash-proof, and that can also handle being tossed around.

For a high-quality set of speakers, look into getting the Pro Audio Tower Speakers.

Have the Best Time on the Water With These Boating Accessories

Boating requires you to have the necessary items that’ll keep you safe. But if you already have those, bringing these 7 boating accessories along on your next trip can make it more enjoyable.

Can you think of any other cool boat accessories you need to bring along? Let us know!

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