The blue opal is said to be the most powerful of stones and the blue opal meaning is linked to properties. Most of us are obsessed with the color blue and love having blue stones such as blue opal. However, few know what the blue opal meaning is. People who possess stones buy them due to the properties they possess.

In addition to this, stones also affect people’s personalities. Most refer to using stones and their effects as superstitious as they claim to bring good luck, enhance wealth, and promote healing.

Let’s discuss the blue opal meaning, its usage, and its healing properties.

What Is Blue Opal?

What Is Blue Opal

Blue opal is a bluestone having high ornamental value. In addition to this, the blue opal meaning is often described with words such as elegance and hypnotization. In actuality, blue opal is a mineral with a composition like that of quartz stone.

The blue opal meaning is described as that of luck and victory. This is associated with the history of how this stone was discovered. The Greeks discovered this stone. The tears of the Greek God Zeus turned into this Peruvian blue opal after he gained victory over the Titans.

Apart from the success and victory, it has multiple other effects too. It is considered serene for the soul and promises to bring true love.

Composition Of Blue Opal

The composition of stones is accountable for the effects they usually produce and the effects they exert. Hence, to understand the effects of blue opal stone, we should first look into its composition.

Blue opal is not a mineral stone. Instead, it is a mineraloid stone. It is amorphous in actuality. However, like multiple other stones, it also consists of a repetitive arrangement of smaller molecules or microcrystalline silicas.

These silicas are not alone, either. It consists of multiple water molecules. The water content of opal blue ranges from around 3 to 21 percent. However, multiple opal blue stones contained around 6 to 10 percent of water content in actuality.

As water is present in opal blue, it exists in a hydrated amorphous form. Due to the presence of these microcrystalline silicas, this stone can produce reflective light or blue light.

Types Of Opal Stone

Types Of Opal Stone

Naturally occurring blue opal stones have a wide variety. However, two factors determine the occurrence of natural blue opal. Those two factors are its transparency and the characteristics of the stone’s body tone.

Body tone means what kind of base tones are present in the stone. This means that the base tomes of light and dark blue opal range from colorless to white and multiple shades of gray and black.

Usually, opal blue is either opaque, transparent, or translucent. Stone shows enhanced clarity when the stone is transparent or very translucent.

The following are the types of naturally occurring blue opals.

Black Opal

Black opal means that the body tone of this stone is darker than that of white opal. Hence, it can be easily distinguished by its black body tone. Black opal comes from a lightning ridge and is very rare to find.

White Opal

As the name indicates, the body tone of this stone is white and lighter compared to other colors. However, it has multiple shades of light reflecting off of it. It also has tones that reflect the gray color. Hence, it can also be referred to as light opal.

If the stone is not of high quality, it might not show or reflect colors, but high-quality white opal will show multiple colors.


This stone is found in a wide area of Western Queensland. It is a stone that is a host to multiple other rocks too. Hence, the boulder might have a single line or single vein of blue opal as multiple stones are formed on this stone.

This stone can be found in light as well as dark tones. In addition to this, this stone can also cleave. This means that after cleaving, it splits and leaves two faces of opal, which are shiny and polished.

Peruvian Opal

Peruvian opal, also known as Peruvian blue opal or blue opal, is one of the finest qualities of blue opal. As blue opal meaning is associated with victory, similarly, the name is also associated with a similar meaning.

Peruvian blue opal exists as either semi-opaque or completely opaque. This stone is commonly found in the region of Peru. The stone is often cut down to combine its matrix with opaque stones.


As the name indicates, the color fire opal exists in the colors yellow, orange, and also red. It rarely reflects other colors, but sometimes this stone will exhibit flashes of green. In addition to this, these stones are usually found in areas of Mexico and Australia.

Like some other stones, fire opals are also cut down to allow polishing and fixing of this material into multiple ornaments.

Muller Glass

Muller glass is another type of opal blue that is just like glass or looks the same as that glass. Sometimes it might show a slight reflection or tint of color, such as a tint of blue, green, or even yellow. When this stone was discovered in Mexico’s region, it was referred to as “water opal.”

Blue Opal Meaning & Usage

Blue Opal Meaning

As we have already mentioned above, blue opal is known as a lucky charm, but many people consider it a superstition. There are other uses and benefits of blue opal, which are directly or indirectly linked with blue opal meaning.

Eye And Immunity

Blue opal is considered to have a therapeutic effect in treating eye diseases or infections when worn as an amulet. It also enhances immunity and prevents the wearer from multiple infections, such as common colds and flu, and chronic diseases. It claims to enhance the power of the eye too, and improve the problem of short-sightedness.

Changes In Personality

Besides having multiple effects on the body and health, blue opal also affects the wearer’s personality. Hence, as the blue opal meaning is linked with elegance, the blue opal enhances the trait of one’s personality, whether it be a good trait or a bad one. In addition to this, in ancient times, the blue opal was considered a symbol of assurance, loyalty, and faithfulness.

It promotes positivity by promoting confidence, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and working potential. It enhances originality in one’s behavior by promoting creativity and devotion towards domains like the arts and builds agility in the wearer to assess himself.

Bluestone is a karmic stone. As karma explains, what you do returns to you. Similarly, bluestone promotes doing good with people so that you only receive good. It represents calmness, serenity, justice, and harmony.

Absorptive And Reflective Nature

Blue opal has an absorptive and reflective nature. This means that it is selective in picking up sound and positive thoughts and reflects negativity and negative thoughts from your personality.

Love And Affection

Blue opal has positive effects on love, affection, and desire too. It stabilizes your emotional side and intensifies your emotions, which promotes seductiveness. It also promotes the release of inhibitors that promote eroticism in your body.

Healing Properties Of Blue Opal

Healing Properties Of Blue Opal

Apart from its uses, blue opal has multiple healing properties too. As mentioned above, most of the properties are attributed to blue opal meaning. The following are the healing properties of blue opal.


Blue opal meaning is linked with healing; hence, it indeed has multiple healing properties. One of the most common healing properties of blue opal is that it helps treat people with chemical dependencies.

Those suffering from chemical dependencies are provided with strength and positivity from this stone. In addition to this, this stone is also helpful in gaining control over life after suffering from chemical dependency.

Blue opal also helps treat withdrawal symptoms that are suffered from ceasing addictive material intake.


The blue opal helps in healing wounds. In addition to this, it also helps treat wounds and stings from poisonous animals. Many people working outdoors, such as in forests and bushes, often wear this stone to protect themselves from bee stings.

Psychic Abilities

The bluestone can align the psychic abilities of the wearer. It helps align the aura, more commonly known as the chakras surrounding the person. In addition to this, opal blue promotes meditation and sensory experience. This happens because the stone helps in opening people’s minds. The stone does so by enhancing and strengthening the ability to stand firm and consistent in difficult times.

Mood Elevator

Blue opal can enhance the wearer’s mood. It makes you feel happy or guarantees a unique mood for the wearer. In addition to this, as the stone has a positive effect, it promotes a euphoric experience in the wearer’s personality.

Conclusively, blue opal is one of the most precious stones found. It is commonly found in Australia. It is the birthstone of people born in October. In addition to this, it is also a stone given to couples as a 14th-anniversary gift. In general, people who weren’t born in October or born in other months of the year can also wear this stone.

This stone has multiple benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Most of its benefits are linked to the healing of the body and soul. However, it is used as a treatment for other diseases too. The blue opal meaning runs deeper than one thinks and many people prefer carrying one in the form of an amulet or ring to harness its energy.

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