Athletes have to deal with a lot of different things that non-sports people do, and sometimes it can be the simplest things that they have to change. For instance, the type of bed that they sleep on can sometimes be a little bit…interesting to say the least. Recovery is also super important for them, so as well as being comfortable for generic reasons, their beds also need to be functional for athletes. The best mattress for athletes can depend on their sport and even the position they sleep in. So, keep reading and discover the 5 bizarre beds that athletes are forced to sleep on!

Bizarre Beds For Athletes

1. Cardboard Beds

Cardboard Beds

We all say the viral headlines about athletes at the Tokyo Olympics had to sleep on. The cardboard beds became a huge talking point when athletes pointed out that their accommodation at the Olympic Village was made out of cardboard. Rumors started to spread that the reasoning behind it was to prevent any acts of intimacy from happening during the games. The idea spread because people thought that the beds were intentionally made to be unsteady, meaning that any sudden movements would cause them to collapse. However, this was swiftly proven to be completely false, and the real reasoning was confirmed. The cardboard beds were installed into the rooms as a way of providing a quick, yet sustainable solution to the thousands of athletes that would soon be staying there. The beds were made from fully recycled materials and being made from cardboard meant that they didn’t go to waste once the event was over. One athlete even filmed a video of them jumping up and down on the bed, proving just how sturdy it really is. So, while they may have shocked the world at the time, the reasoning behind them is actually quite simple and they proved to be very effective.

2. Beds With Cooling Systems

a man sleeping on his bed

When athletes head off to bed, their day is far from over. Their bodies need to recover from their training sessions to ensure that they can perform at their best again tomorrow. However, pain and muscle soreness can be very common issues for them, and a nighttime solution needed to be found. One way of helping to soothe muscle soreness is through using ice therapy, but this can’t really be used in bed. However, with the help of a bed complete with cooling systems, you can emulate this type of therapy. These beds run electronically and make use of a pump that pushes either cold air or cold water into a special layer on top of the mattress. The temperature of it can be controlled too, so you can make it as cold as you like. Using these on a nightly basis can really help athletes reduce the inflammation caused by their exercise and allow them to recover a whole lot faster. While these beds may seem like something from the distant future, they’re in circulation already, with plenty of athletes making use of them.

3. Beds With Heating Systems

Alternatively, some athletes prefer heat as a way to enhance their recovery. When this is the case, they can simply opt for a bed with a unique heating system. These work in a similar way to the cooling systems, except the air or water is warm instead. This can then be controlled and brought up to the optimal temperature. Heat is a great way of reducing inflammation and soothing pain, so it only makes sense that athletes’ beds incorporate it into them. These beds are also extremely breathable so that you don’t overheat but still benefit from the warmth. So, instead of having to try and stuff their beds with hot water bottles, all they need to do is push a button and feel a complete warmth all over their bodies. Definitely a bizarre bed, but so worth it!

4. Air Beds

Air Beds

Finally, we have air beds, and no, these aren’t the same as the inflatable beds you take camping. These beds work great for athletes who want to control the level of firmness that their bed has each night. When athletes exercise, they’ll probably have sore muscles afterward, but where they’re sore could change regularly. This means that if you have a firm mattress to help when your back is sore, it might not be as comfortable when your shoulders are sore. This is because sleeping on your side when your shoulders hurt can actually make it worse if the mattress is too firm. So, having an adjustable mattress can help solve all these issues with ease. These are normally remote-controlled, and all you need to do is choose how firm or soft you want the mattress to be. This allows athletes to tailor the amount of support they get depending on what they need each night. They’ll probably experience a much faster recovery as well, as they’ll be able to customize the type of support to match their current state. So, air beds are a brilliant bed for athletes, even if they’re a little strange at first.

Athletes need sleep to recover properly, so it’s crucial that they have the best bed out there that matches their needs. As you can see, although these beds are bizarre, they’re designed with their recovery in mind. They ensure that they’re able to sleep comfortably and tailor the bed should they need to. So, the next time you see an athlete on TV, try and guess which type of unique bed they might be using!

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