Tired of just going out to dinner for your best friend’s birthday? It is easy to get stuck in a routine as adults, even when it comes to birthdays.

Your best friend deserves some fun once in a while, and an unexpected birthday surprise can be a great way to shake things up. That is why we have compiled a list of five unique birthday surprise ideas for your best friend.

Keep reading to plan your best friend’s next birthday!

1. Surprise Getaway

what to do for your 21st birthday

Starting the list with the most fun idea is a surprise getaway! Telling your best friend to pack a bag without disclosing where you’re going will be sure to add some excitement.

This can be anything from a road trip to a beach vacation with friends, or just the two of you!

For example, try visiting adults only resorts. They have everything you need for a fun weekend without the possibility of crying babies or children.

2. Video of Friends and Family

With the pandemic, it has become more challenging to get a group of family or friends together so, planning a surprise party may not be possible.

Although, you can still make your best friends’ birthday special by compiling a video of their family and friends wishing them a happy birthday.

The video can be as simple as a quick happy birthday or a meaningful sentiment. It will be sure to bring a smile to your best friend’s face, and maybe a tear or two!

3. Winery or Brewery Tour

Winery or Brewery Tour

Picking up your best friend in a limo or party bus with friends and doing a winery or brewery tour is a great way to celebrate. By having a driver, you will be able to enjoy yourselves even more.

Did you know the United States has 6,406 breweries? Compared to 1983, there were just 49. Craft beer and local breweries have become a huge industry. No matter the location, you are bound to find a few fun breweries to celebrate.

Some wineries and breweries even have deals for special events!

4. Treasure Hunt

What is more unique than a treasure hunt? Bringing child-like curiosity and challenge to their birthday may even make them feel younger!

This could be a whole day event with special guests along the way or lead to a big surprise party at the end. A treasure hunt is a great way to add memorable elements, inside jokes, and fun to your best friend’s special day.

5. Indoor Sky Diving

What better way to remind your best friend they’re alive than a thrilling activity such as indoor sky diving?

This activity is for the adventure seekers who still like a controlled environment. Indoor sky diving gives you the same thrill without the same cost or fear as jumping out of a plane.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Your Best Friend-Which Will You Choose?

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Your Best Friend-Which Will You Choose

Birthday surprise ideas for your best friend don’t have to be stressful or outrageous. Get creative and have fun!

Memories are often the best gift. No matter what special idea you choose, your best friend will appreciate the effort.

Do you now have a better idea of how to put together creative birthday surprise ideas for your best friend, be sure to check out the rest of our articles!

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