A birth certificate is an significant piece of document that is required not only during the immigration services but by any local state of an individual. It binds the child under the regulations and laws of the respective state and provides the nationality and identity that he can represent to the world.

Birth certificate translation is a document that requires urgent translation and utmost precision in the process of being translated because it is the document that is regulated and needed at every aspect of the career-building process or any notable life event of an individual.

Universal translation services recognize the importance of birth certificate translation in the life of an individual, and especially, the life of an immigrant. It holds the reputation of transforming thousands of birth certificates into their translated form and that too, at a price that is fairly affordable and with guaranteed quality content.

USCIS translation is a notable certification that aids the non-locals of the state to travel safely into the boundaries of the particular state and even extend their stay in the country without any disturbance in their legal contract. The Universal translation company provides the benefit of having the client’s document or any piece of text that is to be translated, accredited by the USCIS.


The urgency of the requirement of the birth certificate translation made the company flourish their professional skills by having the birth certificate transformed according to the language required in just 24 hours. They understand and build the level of trust that is needed by the client at a time of hurry. They translate the document at the rate of 20$ per the certificate which beats the higher rates found at the internet by a great deal and is known to be the lowest price found on the internet.


The universal translation company provides a service that is accredited by the ATA and has the reliability that is recognized by the internet community and the world of translation services. They withhold their reputation by providing a translated document that is guaranteed to have the certification seal by the USCIS so that the immigration services in the US won’t bother the non-locals with different obstructions.

Best Services:

Universal translation company gives the transformation of your original birth certificate into the language that is requested by you in the best quality content that speaks volumes of the effort invested. They are on-duty 24 hours a day and seven days a week and have translators that are experienced in various languages, not just their local language. This provides an edge to the company’s benefit and aids the client’s requirement. Not only this, but the company is said to translate any piece of document or text under a wide range of 120 languages.

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