Nothing beats a fun family game night to bring everyone together. Not to mention, there aren’t too many activities that adults and children can participate in where both parties are entertained. Get the Bingo variations to play family fun games.

However, games have a way of appealing to the child in everyone, and one game, in particular, are Bingo variations. It’s been a fan favorite for many years and when it comes to fun and excitement, Bingo doesn’t disappoint.

However, most people aren’t aware that there are Bingo variations out there that turn up the heat and make the game more interesting. If you’re want to learn more, just keep reading to know Bingo variations!

What are the Bingo Variations?

Most folks are familiar with the traditional way of playing Bingo; which includes getting the corresponding numbers to Bingo in a line straight across, vertically down, diagonally, the four corners, or a blackout.

On the other hand, there are tons of other fun ways to play the game. Check out these Bingo variations below:

1. Arrow

This particular alternative is quite similar to the original straight across Bingo rule. However, not only do you have to get all the numbers in a line, but also in each diagonal corner until your scorecard chips create the shape of an arrow.

2. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

If you really want to play Bingo variations with a twist, this variation is the way to go. Forget getting one Bingo pattern on your scorecard; the blood, sweat, and tears version requires three!

For instance, you would need to get a straight across, diagonal, and vertical down Bingo for you to be the winnerโ€”talk about intense!

3. B&O

It’s understandable if you don’t want to makes things too complicated when playing the game with kids. However, there are fun Bingo games that you can play with children that are challenging, yet simple. The B&O rule requires that players get all chips in the B and O category.

4. Layer Cake

Another one of the best Bingo variations for kids is the layered cake version. It requires that each player covers each square horizontally in every other line. Thus, forming a “layered cake”.

5. The Crazy L

There are so many fun ways to play Bingo and the creativity for patterns is endless. The crazy L consists of getting all of your numbers vertically in the O category and covering all the numbers in a horizontal direction on the last line of the scorecard; which creates a backward L shape.

6. Six Pack

A six-pack is created when a player gets a pattern of six numbers, in two rows of three, and they can be either horizontally or vertically. If you want to make things more tricky, you can eliminate the use of the free space on the scorecard.

7. Holiday Themes

This is one of those Bingo variations that are perfect for the holidays when you’re entertaining friends and family. For instance, fun ways to play Bingo during Christmas is to require that the pattern is in the shape of a Christmas tree, candy cane, or Santa hat.

Also, for Halloween it’s a cool idea to make the winner of the game have the shape of a pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern on their card.

8. Letters

Letters is a fun, yet simple way of shaking things up for a night of Bingo. The caller decides which letter is the winning letter for that round, and it should generally be a shape that complements the scorecard such as Z,E, X, or S.

9. Diamond

Last on this list of ways to play Bingo variations with a twist is the diamond pattern. It requires that each player cover numbers on the scorecard in the shape of a diamond.

Fun Bingo Games to Play: Fun Boosters

The Bingo variations listed above will surely bring joy to you and your loved ones. But believe it or not, there are even more ways to have a good time while playing a game of Bingo. In addition to the suggestions below, also check out the top bingo sites to find even more exciting ways to play!

Double Bingo Prizes

If you hadn’t thought about giving out prizes for the winners of the Bingo game, you need to. Not only will it make the game more competitive, it’s a nice way of letting your family know that you appreciate them. But if you really want to increase the excitement, give out double prizes!

Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t love snacks? If you’re playing with your kids, you can serve them chips or cute little drink like a Shirley Temple. It’s a sure way to make the night memorable and give them something to look forward to.


Music always has a way of getting the party started. You can crank some tunes as you all play the game or create bingo cards with song names instead of numbers. Therefore, when you play a particular track, the players can put a chip down if it’s on their card.

Family Game Night Just Got Better

If you implement these Bingo variations into your next family fun game night, you can expect a night full of fun and laughs.

The good thing about spending quality time with loves ones is that you don’t always have to do something extravagant to enjoy one another. Something as simple as a board game can create memories that will last a lifetime!

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