Do you frequently find yourself in a situation when you can’t find your car keys? Or, you search the whole home for your favorite jacket, but it is nowhere to be seen when you need it the most? Fret not, a lot of people find them in similar situations. There are 2 different types of people: those who sometimes lose things and those who always lose things. Whichever category you may fall into, you surely would agree that there are better ways to store things than the methods you are currently using.

Losing your things at home is annoying enough on its own; you may have to spend hours digging through shelves and under beds just to find that one thing you needed.

Habit to forget can be a pain when on the go

But what is even worse than losing your things at home is losing things on the go. Chances are that when you do, you will never see that lost item again, and that is, of course, not a pleasant experience. If you have ever forgotten a sweater somewhere and spent the rest of the day shivering you know what we are talking about.

Whether you are boarding a plane to enjoy your well-deserved vacation, taking the train to the city nearby for a quick visit to your favorite taco place, or stressing about the meeting on the way to work, you do not want to be worrying about how you store your things. You just want them to be there.

The one-step solution

Luckily there is a one-step solution to help keep things simpler for you when you are on the go. With this effective storage solution, you no longer have to worry about losing any outerwear while commuting. This compact and small solution is attached to the strap of your bag (backpack, briefcase, or handbag, whichever you are using) and can then help you strap on your jacket, coats or sweaters. The universal design makes it possible to attach to the strap of whatever bag you are carrying. So, there you have it. Jacket, sweaters, and coats in place: That is one less thing to worry about!

And then you can finally take your mind off keeping track of your jacket without risking forgetting or dropping that valuable clothing item somewhere and ending up cold for the rest of the day. Just relax and know that your outerwear will remain right there by your side, and without you having to do or remember a thing. It is a simple gadget but it can save you from so much stress and running back-and-forth trying to find your things.

You can then focus on what you should be doing, with both of your hands free. No longer any problem holding that steaming Starbucks, skimming through those important notes or making that quick but important phone call.

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