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Ray Comfort, the man behind the controversial 180 movie, issued a press release yesterday saying that “three of the largest billboard companies in Southern California have declined to promote” his film.

The movie, which compares abortion in America to the Holocaust, has garnered attention, and outrage. The Anti-Defamation League called the film “one of the most offensive and outrageous abuses of the memory of the Holocaust we have seen in years.” The League is a group that fights anti-Semitism in the public sphere.

The 30-minute film has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube and has been heavily circulated among anti-abortion activists. Comfort even announced he was sending the movie to high schools, hoping that the movie is shown to students.

In an effort to spread the controversial movie even more, Comfort is seeking to advertise the movie on billboards in California.

His new press release suggests the plan isn’t going too well.

Comfort writes:

Three of the largest billboard companies in Southern California have declined to promote the pro-life movie “180.” Other companies that were approached haven’t returned calls. Ray Comfort, the creator of said, “One is owned by a Jewish family. Their spokesperson was very upset that we dared to compare American abortion to the Holocaust. But there are no pictures involved. All we want is to put up text saying: ’ — award-winning — free viewing — one million views in 22 days.’ They have the right to refuse, but I think their refusal hasn’t been well thought out.”

These are the same companies that advertise atheists’ mockery of God and the Bible, promote strip clubs and porn conventions.

Comfort added, “If they don’t see the comparison of the killing of six million Jews with the slaughter of nearly sixty million Americans through abortion, it’s probably because they don’t consider a baby in the womb to be human. That’s exactly what Hitler did with the Jews. He said that they weren’t human, and then he made billions when he killed them and seized their assets. American abortion makes billions through the slaughter of the unborn, and like the Nazi machine it is a well-run money-making industry that has been successful in brainwashing millions into believing that a baby is something other than a baby.”

Anti-abortion groups typically do not face many problems getting billboard companies to sell them ad space. Billboards targeting racial minorities have been seen all over the country. Reproductive rights advocates have successfully pressured companies to take down some such billboards.

Comfort tells anti-abortion activists to download his artwork and smaller billboards to put on their cars, houses, etc. to promote the movie.

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