At a press conference at the Florida Attorney General’s office Thursday, a Buzz reporter asked Attorney General Bill McCollum, currently running for governor in the state, whether he was bothered by a statistic from a Quinnipiac poll that showed that voters saw Scott as more “consistently conservative” than him by a 38-26 percent margin.

McCollum, clearly irritated and frustrated, responded to the question. “Why should they [the people] trust somebody who has lots of money, throws it up on the screen and makes great ads?” he said, referring to Scott. “I have a record. You can examine my record. It is a conservative record. And I am proud of that record. And things he said about me that simply aren’t true — I’ll support the Arizona immigration law.”

McCollum also attacked Scott’s tenure as CEO of for-profit hospital chain Columbia/HCA, which the U.S. government fined in 1997 for an unprecedented $1.7 billion in Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Scott himself was never charged with a crime, but was forced to step down as a result of the fine.

Watch the whole video below. McCollum’s answer comes around the 3:30 mark:

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