As someone who used to rarely buy anything online, I have become a master at shopping online. I used to love the experience of going to stores and physically touching and trying on items, but meh…those days are long gone.

When it comes to buying beauty products, nowadays I definitely prefer to go website hopping instead of schlepping around from store to store at the mall. Maybe I’m just getting old and tired with less patience. Maybe I’ve come to realize that I’d rather stay home and watch Pretty In Pink for the 1000th time. There are other reasons, too, which I thought I would share…

You’re not distracted by bright and shiny objects. Literally – I went into a beauty supply store looking for my favorite cocoa butter lotion, but found myself looking at gold hoop earrings. I need a new pair of earrings like a need a new bottle of nail polish – which brings me to my next reason…

No friends pressuring you to buy products you don’t need – When I’m shopping online, I’m usually in a zone…curled up on the couch and focused on buying what I need. I once went into a beauty supply store with my best friend and walked out spending $30 more than I should have.

“Oh, look! They have a clearance section with a sale on nail polish!” she exclaimed, ushering me over to help her pick out nail polish colors. Of course, I had to pick out a few bottles for myself.

A tiny glimpse at my collection of nail polish. Do I really need more?

It’s not as overwhelming as shopping in a physical store – I don’t know about you, but when I walk into any store full of beauty products like Ulta or Sephora, I immediately experience ADHD and sensory overload. For some women it’s like entering a candy shop. I’m not one of those women.

I’ve browsed websites of beauty supply stores like Capital Hair and Beauty, and although there are many products offered, I am able to stay focused without hundreds of other products enticing me with their colorful packaging organized in beautiful displays. Do I really need to spend 2 hours walking down every aisle looking at beauty products?

You’re not limited – Shopping for beauty supplies online is easier for me because if I need a specific product, I’m not stuck with an alternative if the brick-and-mortar store I’m shopping in doesn’t carry that product. I hate driving from store to store looking for a particular product. Salespeople are great at trying to sell you a product that “works just as well” as the product you really want. I know because I used to be one of those salespeople.

Better discounts and deals – If you’re shopping online, there’s more of a chance of finding a promo code to get a discount off your total purchase or get free shipping. All you have to do is search for “[store name] promo code”. Another place I look for promo codes is Twitter because sometimes companies will partner with bloggers for exclusive promo codes.

By no means am I trying to deter you from shopping at your local beauty supply store, but there are certainly advantages to shopping online.

Am I the only one who feels this way about shopping for beauty products?

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