Still have yippee ki-yay buried deep inside but don’t know where to release it? We may be living in modern times but you can still experience the old frontier.

It’s time to get the low-down on wild west vacations.

Taking a vacation with a wild west theme has hidden health benefits. Being in a location where you can de-stress lowers your risk of having a heart attack. Wild west vacations also improve your physical health.

There’s something good about what riding a horse and dancing at a saloon every day does for your body.

Get your chaps and boots out.

Bring out your inner cowgirl with these Wild West Vacations! Ride a horse, party at a saloon, and meet other Wild West enthusiasts while dressed for the occasion!

1. All Wild West Vacations Must Start at the Klondike Ranch

Mountain views, cattle herding, and spending time at the corral. These are just a few of the amazing activities you get to enjoy as the Klondike Ranch.

Located near the Bighorn mountains, vacationers learn about ranch life as they help round up the nearly 200 heads of cattle. When you get tired of herding, saddle a horse and ride along with the herd.

If you want to see more views, take in some hiking and fishing. Don’t forget to pack your best cowgirl gear. Here are some great outfit ideas.

2. Tombstone, Arizona

You read that right! Tombstone, just like the movie that starred the beloved actor Kurt Russell. You can go live out the cowgirl experience.

This old town was once a mining camp where miners went in search of silver. It later became a booming city in the west with hotels, theatres, and bars. And yes, this is where the famous gun battle near the O.K. Corral went down.

Go check out recreations of the town pleasures to see old saloons and gambling halls.

3. Moore Ranch

There’s no place like home, especially if you want it to temporarily be Moore Ranch in Kansas.

Go experience 300 plus longhorn cattle up close and personal. This authentic old west ranch has 6,000 acres for inspiring cowgirls to experience. There’s branding, horseback riding, rolling hills, and more.

4. The Grand Canyon National Park

If you don’t have a cowgirl bucket list. Now’s the time to create one, and add the Grand Canyon to it.

Go hiking for miles in the backcountry of this geological marvel. When you get tired of hiking, hop on a mule, and enjoy views along the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails. If that’s not enough, go rafting and camping.

5. The Cowboy Capital of the World

There is such a place and it’s called Bandera, Texas. Bandera, Texas is synonymous with the term old west.

Go watch gunfight reenactments, drink at saloons, and enjoy a chuckwagon dinner or two. If you like riding rodes this is the place to ride them. Also, take in some of the historic sitesโ€”the original county jail and the courthouse.

Get’em, Cowgirl!

Wild west vacations exist, and you can experience them in all of their splendor. Break out your best cowgirl attire and go have some wild west fun.

Want more vacation ideas like this. Browse our travel guide for tips and hacks for your next adventure.

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