Are you trying to improve the look of your skin? Have you tried every cream under the sun and none of them seem to give you the results you want?

You may be wondering about the best vitamins for skin health. What are they and what do each of them do?

Whether you’re smoothing fine lines or fading spots, these vitamins can help you achieve your skin goals!

1. Vitamin A

Don’t Overdose on Vitamins

You can add Vitamin A to your diet by eating carrots, spinach, and potatoes. In this form, Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant. It can also be found in beef and dairy products, contributing to healthier skin.

Vitamin A can act as a topical retinoid in beauty creams, giving skin a younger appearance by helping smooth wrinkles. It can also act as a sun protectant, though it’s not as effective as sunscreen.

Not getting enough Vitamin A can lead to dry, itchy skin.

2. Vitamin C

lemon oil

Vitamin C helps to produce collagen which keeps skin firm and protects us from free radical damage that may cause the skin to age prematurely. You can add this vitamin to your diet by consuming citrus fruits, broccoli, greens, and strawberries.

Topical Vitamin C can aid with the skin’s healing process and help reverse hyperpigmentation.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is among the best vitamins for the skin because it absorbs UV light, which can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging skin. It protects the skin against free radical damage and helps in the prevention of acne. You can add this vitamin to your diet by eating nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils.

Vitamin E deficiency can lead to muscle weakness. If you don’t think you’re getting the vitamins you need, check for supplements.

4. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

This skin vitamin can be taken orally to protect against sun damage and some types of skin cancer.

You can even find this vitamin in a topical form called niacinamide. This topical vitamin can brighten skin, reduce redness, and shrink pores. It can give skin a younger and healthier appearance by acting as a mild exfoliant that evens out skin tone.

5. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Start Taking Vitamins Today

Folic acid helps with fetal development because it’s necessary for the production of new cells. Topical folic acid has a similar effect and can boost the firmness of the skin by improving the cell turnover rate. Because of this, it can also help fade acne spots.

This vitamin can improve moisture retention by improving your cells’ barriers. This vitamin is often found in moisturizers.

The Best Vitamins for Skin

Having younger, healthier-looking skin begins with a balanced diet that contains the vitamins listed above. They work wonders in topical creams, but vitamin deficiencies can take their toll on your skin. Be sure to work the vitamins into your diet!

These vitamins for skin will have you looking like a younger, healthier version of yourself!

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