If you’re looking for the best way to purchase (or sell) used cars but you are extremely tired of the clutter-filled Craiglist.com, here are some of the best used car websites of the year.

Best Used Car Websites to Buy

They provide a plethora of features, such as ease of use, search query comfort, and definitive guides to help you choose your car. Do you know the advantages of used car? Keep reading to know about top advantages of buying a used car.


best used car websites
Carvana Car Purchase Website

Say hello to Carvana – a whole new way to buy a car,” dubs the site’s slogan as they give a different approach to online car purchases and best used car search engine.

Carvana is one of the new kids on the block in terms of online auto sales, but the brand is making a name for itself with its unique user experiences and clever marketing strategies.

Carvana launched back in 2013 as one of the few companies to offer a true digital-to-driveway dealership in Atlanta – one that allows customers to search for, finance, and arrange delivery of their cars without ever leaving their home.

Best Things of Carvana Website

Last year, the brand launched the world’s first car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee, which lets adults feel like kids again by “buying” their car with an oversized coin. They must purchase their online car selling websites, of course, but the delivery experience is like no other.

Carvana firmly believes that you shouldn’t have to spend time in a dealership and the best used car search engines, especially if you are looking for a value for your trade-in. To do that, they built a process that enables you to quickly and easily get a fair value for your trade.

What is the Complete Appraisal Process?

A buyer can complete an appraisal process completely online by answering a few questions about this vehicle, and then Carsoup MN provides a value for the trade-in.

Depending on your location, Carvana can either come to you to perform a final inspection of your trade-in, or you can drop it off at one of their vending machines located in Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

There are available filters that allow you to search based on make, model, and the highest possible price for any used or certified pre-owned car selling websites in your area best used car websites.


Cars.com has been around the block for a long time, and they stayed because of their performance and one of the best used car websites. With an average of more than 31 million visits each month, Cars.com is the leading online destination for car shoppers and owners.

best used car websites
Cars Purchase Website

We offer credible and easy-to-understand information to help consumers research, price and find new and used vehicles and quality service and repair providers,” is their mantra. Launched in June 1998, Cars.com is owned by TEGNA Inc. and operates Auto.com, NewCars.com® and PickupTrucks.com™ also the best used car websites.

Chose the Best Car from Cars

The site is a deep and extensive resource for anyone shopping for a used car and the advantage of the used cars is very reliable.

Once you find your desired car through their extensive database, the website then provides quick links to the car’s Carfax reports. These Carfax reports are important metrics to ensure the quality of a used car.

Moreover, you’re given the option to instantly message the dealer or owner directly if they’re currently online, or simple email them if they’re not. Cars.com’s simple navigation and robust resource selection make it one of the best options for first-time buyers.


Like what they declare to their millions of clients, Autolist.com is on a mission to make finding, selling, & financing a car easy in an age when buying and car selling websites is considered a hassle.

They combine millions of vehicles from hundreds of sources while also employing the latest and greatest tech to power car searches across Android, iOS, and the web, providing users with the best used car websites experience.

best used car websites
Autolist car Purchase Website

With the expansive collection at their disposal, Autolist puts a huge emphasis on selling used cars under known and popular makers. This site is one of the best if you want to find a good deal for a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Choose the Autolist by Autolist Website

Autolist may look similar to the top buy used car online sellers at first glance, but it has a leg up on the competition when it comes to mobile connectivity. While the Autolist website is attractive and easy-to-use, the Autolist app is one of the most popular used car resources currently available for Android and iOS.

The mobile software allows users to look at the databases of other used car apps – and pretty easily, too. They also tap dealership best used car websites, thus incorporating a full spectrum of makes and models.

They Also Provide Helpful Information

Such as how long the vehicle has been on sale, how its asking price has fluctuated over time, and what its CarFax report looks like and the best used car websites.

For someone who’s always on the go, Autolist can provide a lot of information easily through good UI layout and well-thought data output.


If you’ve ever used sites like Skyscanner and Kayak and you’re very specific when it comes to your car purchase needs, then AutoTempest might be what you need.

The site combines search results from eBay Motors, Cars.com, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, and other bug databases, casting an all-encompassing net over most of the famously used car sellers over the internet and also the best used car websites.

best used car websites
Autotempest car Purchase Website

Auto Tempest’s home page also features buying guides, checklists, detailing advice, and negotiating tips, among other topics that a car enthusiast would need.

Take The best car From Autotempest

You can visit this website if you’re looking for content that can help you decide on how to choose and how to buy used car online.

The site even provides specific buying guides for a selection of car makes and models, along with comprehensive car reviews and a compilation of frequently asked questions.

Moreover, the site saves search results for quick access later, while offering several suggestions for top-notch shipping services for shipping any vehicle you might buy.


CarSoup.com is another frequently visited car website. It may arguably be the best used car websites to go to if this is the very first time you buy a used car online. It serves as a go-to site to learn the best ways to buy or sell a car, offering a comprehensive list of car guides for you to choose from.

The website provides a laudable assortment of buying guides, advice, reviews, and previews to ensure you make the right decision when buy used car online. If you’re just beginning your search for a used car, CarSoup.com also offers a collection of top-10 lists spanning a variety of topics.

The Top-10 Most Loved Vehicles

These listicles range from highly sought topics such as “The Top-10 Most Loved Vehicles” and “The Top-10 Most Affordable Cars for 2014,” to more niche lists such as “The Top-10 Spookiest Sounding Cars.”

best used car websites
Carsoup car Purchase Website

Aside from showcasing the best tips to get the best options for your purchase, they also provide top daily deals and budget-based specials currently offered in your area and the best used car websites.


The Kelley Blue Book is one of the most complete – if not the most complete – car buyer’s website. They offer to pinpoint accurate estimates on what your car is worth and how much you should pay for a used car search engine.

You can quickly browse their top picks and tips, calculate a monthly car payment, and even compare several cars through KBB’s is the best used car websites.

best used car websites
KBB car Purchase Website

Expert and consumer review blog contents are also available, for finding local dealers and checking your credit score. Like CarSoup.com used car search engine, highlighting the best 10 sedans under $25,000 and the 10 best luxury cars under $40,000, among a bevy of other topics.

At the End of Carsoup MN

As daunting as the grocery list of options may seem, KBB.com is one of the best used car websites resources for anyone Carsoup MN looking to buy used car online given the vast swath of options and in-depth research tools in the market to date.

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