It is estimated that there may be as many as 35 million surfers in the world. The connection between man and the ocean is as old as time and nothing embodies this more than riding one of nature’s greatest waves. So how do you prepare yourself correctly?

To enjoy your trip, you need to get kitted out. Read on as we discuss the essential tools you need for surfing.

1. Surf Boards


It may be an obvious one, but your board is the most important piece of equipment. Not only is it a very personal item, but you also may need different boards for varied wave types. It can also help to pack a spare in case one breaks.

Be aware that if you are flying, airlines will often tax you more if you place more than two boards in one bag. You may wish to equip a normal board then go for a shortboard. If you don’t want to pack heavy, you will always have the option to buy or rent one if your surfing spot is not too remote.

2. Surfboard Bag

If you are carrying the bag and putting it in your car, then your bag just needs to be comfortable and easy to handle. Make sure it is light, and fill it with your rashguard and towel to provide extra padding.

When you are going on a flight, a high-quality bag becomes essential surfing gear. Expect it to get thrown around when going through the luggage process. Make sure your bag fits your board snugly, without too much room for it to move about inside.

3. Wet Suits

The best wetsuits for surfing will be comfortable, keep you warm and look stylish. If you are in a tropical climate, you may get away with not wearing one, though many people prefer them for the protection they afford.

Make sure you research the climate you are visiting so you buy the right thickness. You don’t want to spoil your experience by getting cold. You may want to take two suits if you are in a hot climate regardless, as it may be cold in the morning.

4. Rash Guards

Feeling the water on your skin is part of the surf experience. However, saltwater can cause terrible problems with your epidermis, so a time comes when you may want to give it a rest. This is when rash guards come in useful.

Rash Guards

At first, you may not need one. But as you rub against the board, feel the impact of the sun, and get salt forms on the skin, your rashes will soon develop. They can also offer some warmth if you feel a breeze coming along.

The range of rash guards for men is quite varied. If you find one you like then you can use it for other activities as well, such as biking or hiking. You will find them better than normal shirts as they dry much quicker.

5. Surf Watches

Surf watches are not essential but can be extremely useful. When you are out on the waves, you don’t have your mobile phone in your pocket to tell the time. This means you need an old-fashioned watch to do it for you.

The best surf watches will pride themselves on being waterproof to certain depths. However, this does not matter as much as the features they have, unless you plan to go diving. A surf watch should accurately predict the tides and best swells, so you can take advantage of the current weather conditions and climate.

You should also make sure it is durable. A surf watch will take a lot of punishment, battering itself against the waves and your board.

6. Extra Fins

Extra fins are the surfing gear you need to put in your spares and repairs kit. They are essential to the experience of surfing. You may encounter times when you need to switch out fins for conditions you are not used to surfing in.

They won’t take up much space, so you can pack them away easily. Also, remember to remove them from your board before you put them in your bag for travel. You will also need a set of keys to get them on and off.

7. Travel Towel

A high-quality travel towel will be one of the best surf accessories you could have. They differ from normal towels, as they dry quicker and take up less space. This allows you to compact them into smaller spaces and not have damp goods in your luggage.

8. Leashes

Leashes are the device that attaches you to the board. This ensures you are never separated, and they also act as a safety mechanism. Luckily, they are small and pack easily into luggage.

You may want to take one or two in case they break. This saves you from having to ask people if you can take one of theirs when a large swell breaks your own.

9. Dry Bags

Dry bags are a great choice for carrying your gear on a surf trip. When zipped, you won’t need to worry about anything getting wet at the beach.

best surf vacations

You can pack it with all your necessary belongings, towels, and a wetsuit. Don’t forget the items listed below:

  • Wax
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Surfboard repair kit
  • Earplugs
  • Mobile phone

This will ensure you have everything you need for the perfect trip.

Book Your Surfing Trip

Now that you know the essential surfing accessories, you can book your next trip. It may be at the local beach or on a far-flung tropical island. In any event, you will have the right equipment needed for a great time.

This article is one of many to help you get the best from your leisure time. From travel to accommodation, we can help you plan your next vacation, so check out our other articles.

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