When you hear the word streetwear these days, you don’t automatically think of lazy grey best streetwear brands for men paired with a sports t-shirt.  Well, not anymore, at least. Streetwear is now widely accepted as an iconic fashion trend, and it’s even secured its place in luxury fashion.

Best Streetwear Brands to Buy in 2021

Earlier best streetwear brands used to be reserved for skaters and other countercultures. Nowadays, however, you’ll see hordes of men and women rocking hoodies, baggy pants, and sneakers in every corner of the world – even Paris!

The reason this fashion trend is picking up in popularity is simple – comfort trumps all. Enjoying the convenience of easy-to-wear and comfy clothing is now possible without compromising on style.

If you want to step up your streetwear game, it’s essential to learn the best streetwear brands for men. Here are my top picks of best streetwear brands for men.

1. Adidas

Best Streetwear Brands
Adidas Brand

Adidas is chiefly known as a legendary sports label, but it’s also one of the biggest street style brands out there. The Adidas Originals line has always been a favorite for those who are looking for comfortable yet stylish casual clothing.

Adidas Streetwear Labels

These days, however, it’s evident that Adidas is investing a lot of their resources to capture a larger share of the best streetwear brands in market. From Kanye West’s Yeezy line of sneakers to collaborations with celebrities like Pharell and Beyonce, there’s always something new to cop from the line.

A must-have sneaker from Adidas is the Tubular Shadow shoe. The tubular series has been a mainstay in Adidas’ collection since the 90s, with yearly iterations that update the silhouette to better match new trends. This design has a light knit upper and rocks an edgy, asymmetric look.

2. Off White

Best Streetwear Brands
Off White

Off White is a luxury brand that is known for its outside-the-box aesthetic. This brand has been making waves on both couture runways and the streets. Off White was founded by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh. Off White tshirts are unique, fashionable, and glamorous choices for both men and women.

If any brand can take the credit for bridging the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion, it has to be Off White.

Streetwear Labels Off White Apparel

If you choose to rock Off White apparel, you’re probably going to catch the attention of other pedestrians as you’re walking down the street. Their designs are creatively unique, eye-catching, and oftentimes unexpected.

An Off White product that I particularly find interesting is their black denim jacket. I love a black denim jacket paired with fitted black jeans and good white sneakers. Their black denim jacket stands out due to its unique long sleeves and beige arrow print.

The jacket also has a button closure at the front along with a lapel collar, and two prominent flap pockets.

3. Nike

Best Streetwear Brands

Nike is one of the OG brands that is credited with boosting the sneaker culture. It is one of the best clothing brands for men. Their iconic swoosh logo also feels tailor-made for street aesthetics.

Nike is one of the most repped and loved brands around the globe. Previously known as a strictly sportswear/workout brand, it has now made a name as a full-fledged streetwear label.

Nike is also constantly collaborating with other promising brands like Off-White to produce fresh streetwear pieces. Their Sportswear Tech Fleece, for example, is both fashionable and trendy. With its modern take on the classic hoodie, the simplicity of its design makes it street-friendly and yet appealing.

4. Supreme

Best Streetwear Brands

New York-based Supreme has woven itself into the fabric of streetwear history. As a brand that focuses on skateboarding and hip hop supplies and clothing, it caters primarily to the youth market.

James Jebbia found this brand in 1994. Right from the start, their designs revolved around skateboarders and hip hop fans. This allowed them to create iconic streetwear collections that evolved into what they are into today.

This brand has also worked with brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton, which are the epitome of luxury men’s fashion. As one of the most iconic streetwear brands for men, Supreme has a wide collection of streetwear clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.

5. Carhartt WIP

Best Streetwear Brands for Men
Carhartt WIP

Carhartt Work In Progress is the cooler European cousin of the original blue-collar workwear brand, Carhartt. This sub-label was launched in 1994 and redefined the brand from being known for its officewear to a label that sells must-have pieces for the younger crowd.

Carhartt WIP combines the rugged texture of its classic formal wear materials with contemporary design to create one of the best streetwear brands for men.

Apart from street apparel, WIP also sells smart accessories. I would recommend trying their Kickflip’s Backpack, particularly the Hamilton-Brown version of it.

Final Thought

This backpack is created with 11oz polyester Duck canvas which is a durable water-repellent fabric. The bag is ideal for streetwear if you are someone who travels a lot and needs a sturdy and reliable backpack to store your accessories and fashion clothes.

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