More people move to Maricopa County Arizona than anywhere else in the USA, with around 200 new arrivals every day. And what states with the lowest cost of living?

As a resident of Chandler, chances are things may be getting a little crowded for your liking. So, if you’re considering which state has the lowest cost of living moving to another state. There are a few things to consider when making your choice the lowest cost of living states.

What States with the Lowest Cost of Living?

Employment and property prices may be top of your list when you’re looking for greener pastures, and that’s a good thing. Start planning your next move by taking a look at these 5 states with the lowest cost of living in the USA.

1. Mississippi

The Magnolia state’s officially the American state with the lowest of living for 2020. Everything’s cheaper here, and childcare’s available at the lowest rates across the land. You’ll pay around $795 a month to rent a house and groceries are very affordable too.

What’s not to like about Mississippi? Unfortunately, the employment rate’s on the low side here, and the summer temperatures and humidity can be extreme.

Mississippi could be the perfect place

If you can take the heat, Mississippi could be the perfect place for you.

Mississippi’s only two states down from Arizona, so you’ll pay less for your move than if you were heading all the way across the country too. Compare quotes before deciding whether to go with long-distance Chandler movers, or one from Mississippi instead.

2. Arkansas

Arkansas may be one of the cheapest states to live in but it also has some of the States with the Lowest Cost of Living wages around. This makes it ideal if you’re planning to retire or if you have your own business.

The state also has a high crime rate in urban areas. However, this beautiful States with the Lowest Cost of living is all about the outdoors, so if you move to a rural area, you’ll be safer and in thick of all the best views too.

3. West Virginia

West Virginia’s moved up two places in the cheapest stakes this year. That’s because it’s one of the most affordable states for groceries and housing.

On the other hand, child care costs in the scenic Mountain State are among the highest in the country. The unemployment rates way below the national average at 4.75 though.

Interestingly, when asked for a quote, Darren Robertson from Northern Virginia Home Pro told us it’s a different story in Northern Virginia, as Amazon’s HQ2 has prompted house price and rental spikes. Homes and condos in Herndon VA are overall 90.7% more expensive than in Charleston, West Virginia.

4. Tennessee

This Tennessee hangs onto its fourth-place ranking for affordability once again. Low taxes, cheap food, and affordable housing contribute to the low cost of living Florida.

On the downside, some areas in Tennessee have high crime rates, and the unemployment rate’s spiked in recent times. If you want to enjoy the great schools and beautiful landscapes of this honky-tonk state it’s best lowest cost of living states to wait until things pick up a bit.

5. Oklahoma

Technically, Oklahoma ranks slightly above the five cheapest states. However, it’s right next door to Arizona, so you’ll save a ton on moving costs.

Other cost savings in this affordable place include housing, food, and transportation.

The States with the Lowest Cost of Living Mean More Fun For You

Do you get what state has the lowest cost of living Florida? When you live in one of these states with the lowest cost of senior living, you’ll have more cash to spare for entertainment, dining out, and travel.

However, money isn’t everything when it comes to your lifestyle. Sometimes you can reap the benefits of staying put with clever cost-saving initiatives instead. Keep reading our blog for more ways to save, so you can enjoy life more.

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