Rugby players do many things to improve their level of performance.  Whether it’s training hard in practice or at the gym or eating a proper diet and keeping hydrated.  Some even take extra vitamins and supplements if they think it gives them an edge.

However, there are instruments or pieces of equipment from Rhino Rugby that can help you to play the game better.  Instruments such as shoes, boots, or cleats. The level you play at typically depicts the amount of money or quality of your equipment.  Amateur players can get by with simple cleats, shorts, a shirt, and possibly headgear to keep safe.

Professionals, on the other hand, will use proper rugby boots, and genuine rugby shirts which are designed specifically for the field.  There are low or high top boots you can use also. This is just preference and what feels best to you. You can also use changeable spikes to adjust them for different field conditions.   They call these soft or hard ground spikes. Genuine rugby shirts are more durable versions of a typical polo shirt.  You can also use a jersey with a collar if you prefer.

Exercise instruments can help to make you play the game better too.  Free weights, machines such as Body Max, and other cardio equipment as well.  These instruments can help put you in better physical condition and therefore prevent injuries along with boosting your performance level.  As a rugby player, you’ll definitely want to have strong legs so machines and equipment to beef up thighs and strengthen your hamstrings are a must.  

Other instruments you can use are hit shields and tackle bags.  You’ll definitely need scrum machines too. Some other practice accessories that will make you play better are hurdles and a speed ladder.  And don’t forget agility poles and tackle rings. These are all designed to make you the best rugby player you can be.

Some players will want to protect their head. Perhaps you’ve already had a concussion or two.  Or maybe you simply want to prevent getting one. Either way, this is probably a good idea.  It may enhance your play because you will be more confident and fearless out there on the field if you wear a helmet like Rhino.  

You can also use a Forcefield protective shirt.   These shirts have small pads in them and will protect you from extra bruises and shoulder separations.  Doing so will again give you more confidence to get in scrums and make game-winning plays.
Rugby can be a brutally tough sport.  However, if you use the tools mentioned above it can make the experience better for you while improving your level of play.  Hard work along with these tools is a mixture for success.  If you take these steps you will be on the right track to winning in no time.

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