Hungry?? Looking for a nice Restaurant for Office Lunch in Orlando! Don’t worry we got you!

The Tabla Indian restaurant is the finest place to eat, near the Orlando international airport itself with a quiet and peaceful area that can be your first choice for your office lunch. Tabla is a family-owned restaurant with four different locations namely, Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Nona, and Oviedo. This restaurant has a terrific ambiance with amazing lighting inside and outside that is suitable for office lunches, family lunches, events, and every dining sitter whether it be at day or night. The staff is friendly yet professional and knows how to meet up the customers’ demands at the utmost level. The Tabla Indian restaurant is known for serving first-rate vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, Indo-Chinese, and Thai food. Tabla prepares everything fresh with special hygiene care with a different menu every day.

Tabla gives its customers a taste they will remember forever and serves the best Asian cuisines. They prepare quality food with bountiful healthy options. Here are some top-rated dishes that will sound good for office lunch and that too at a cost-effective rate.

Tabla’s vegetarian food suggestion for office lunch

office lunch

For vegetarians, this restaurant has a special vegetable curry in which vegetables are cooked in fried coconut gravy which will give you the taste you will love forever. sounds perfect! right? Because Tabla believes in serving its customers the best.

Another option for veg lovers can be the eminent north Indian malai kofta. Where you get to taste the soft cottony balls cooked in amazing soupy gravy. How can you even wait this long to try these amazing vegetarian dishes for your office lunch?

Tabla’s non-veg food suggestion for office lunch

Hold on! Non-Vegetarians, for you this restaurant has special chicken curry which the chefs of this restaurant prepare most heartily as it is quite tricky to maintain an equal amount of flavors with every bite you take to give you that heavenly taste. And the presentation would make you slobber more as they pay special attention to it.

Another option for non-veg admirers can be the butter chicken is cooked in flavorful tomato cream spicy sauce until it’s succulent which gives it a savory taste accompanied by your favorite side dish to eat with. You might be drooling all over right now just by listening to it and you will drool even more when you will have a taste of this amazing chicken dish.

Tabla’s special Indian desserts

And now comes the best part of all “the dessert.” Tabla has many graded sweets items and offers a huge range of yummy desserts. Whether it be mango tiramisu or satin soft cassata ice cream. Indian sweets have a separate place in sweet lovers’ hearts so why not try warm juicy Gulabjamoon creme brulee with a french twist?

Why choose The Tabla Indian restaurant for office lunch?

Fresh and healthy food options at Tabla

Tabla Indian restaurant completely understands that you work hard day and night. After a long busy day, you feel like fueling yourself up with some fresh food to work for other busy hours, that’s why Tabla is the best choice restaurant near Orlando airport as they offer amazing healthy food options. Another best thing about Tabla Indian Restaurant in Lake Nona is that even If you are on diet you can easily get varieties of healthy eating options like vegan food and other gluten-free options because Tabla never compromises the health of its customers.

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Best fusion food at tabla restaurant

At Tabla Lake Nona restaurant, you can get the best fulfilling fusion food as they bring together the best Indian, Indo-Chinese, and Thai food and serve incredible Asian cuisines. Relish the taste of different cultures in one pot and have a delectable taste melting in your mouth.

Best catering services in Florida – Tabla

Tabla’s catering service is top notch and they care about their customers like family members. Food takeaways, curbside pickup, and delivery are also available at this Lake Nona restaurant with comfortable and BPA-free packaging which keeps your food fresh, warm, and bacteria-free until it reaches your door. Tabla likewise pays attention to order fulfillment and delivers your food safely to your doorsteps.

Reservations at Tabla

For reservations, if you are looking for a convenient office lunch near Orlando airport Tabla Indian restaurant would be it! You can make reservations online from Tabla’s official website or by calling on their contact number.

Comfortable space for office lunch

space for office lunch

Tabla is the best Indian restaurant in Orlando which has an advantageous space designed for corporate lunch meetings which will provide you the comfort of your own office. Another noticeable fact about Tabla restaurant is that it is family-friendly and is applicable for large groups or parties which makes the Tabla Indian restaurant Lake Nona your next dining spot for office lunch.

Tabla offers free deliveries for office lunch

Talking about current promotions, the “ good news” for the people who are ordering food for Office and Corporate Lunches is that you guys do not have to pay extra for delivery as it is FREE for you.

In comparison with the quality, worth, flavors, and practical rates no other restaurant can meet up to your expectations for outstanding office lunches like the Tabla Indian Restaurant. We invite you to try out Tabla’s Special Office Lunch here at your nearest location.

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