Morocco means a lot more than Casablanca. Roughly 13 million people visited Morocco in 2019.

These tourists went to many different parts of the country. The best places to visit in Morocco are sprinkled all over the nation, and you need a guide in order to track them down.

Where should you go when you visit Casablanca? What are some places to visit in Morocco for natural wonders? What are some cities located in the interior of the country?

Answer these questions and you can have a great time when you visit Morocco. Here is your quick guide.



When people think about Morocco attractions, they think about Casablanca. It is the largest city in the country and one of the largest in the Arab world.

You can find historical synagogues like the Ettedgui Synagogue alongside Muslim mosques. The Hassan II Mosque is a massive facility made with beautiful marble walls and columns.

You can otherwise see beautiful views of the ocean. You can also go to a number of small art galleries and museums.

The High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains are a mountain range that stretches across North Africa. The range runs through Morocco from west to east for more than 600 miles.

Anyone interested in mountaineering should try the High Atlas range. The mountains are less frequently visited than the Himalayas and other ranges. You should have a decent amount of experience, but you can give the mountains a try when you’re ready.

Some mountains have opportunities for skiing. Small Berber villages lie in many valleys inside the range. If you are interested in Berber life, you can visit them and speak to locals.



Marrakesh is located inland. The Jemaa el-Fnaa is one of the most important places to see in Morocco. It is a trade hub that invites visitors from all over Africa.

You can find many bazaars throughout the city. Be prepared to haggle, including for inexpensive wares like fruits and spices.

If you are looking for homes in Morocco cities, you should consider Marrakesh. You can find a lot of property for sale in the city.



Tangier lies on the northwestern tip of Morocco. It is a very international city that derives influences from Europe and the United States.

As with Casablanca, you can visit a number of beautiful houses of worship. But you can also stop by natural wonders like the Hercules Caves. If you don’t like spelunking, you can tour gardens inside the city.

The Best Places to Visit in Morocco

There are some great places to visit in Morocco. Casablanca is a well-known city for good reason. You can view beautiful mosques and synagogues.

But there is more to see in the country. You can climb the High Atlas Mountains and study the Berber culture.

Marakesh is a vibrant market city where you can interact with people from across Africa. Tangier has more of a European sensibility. Yet you can visit urban and natural sites within just one day.

Once you visit Morocco, you should go to other African countries. Figure out what to do by following our coverage.

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