When only the best travel accommodation works for your beloved pet, you’ll want to look into pet hotel options. Pet hotels are considered the perfect combination of luxury, high-end amenities, and quality care for your pet while you’re away.

Unlike dog boarding, pet resorts and hotels offer private rooms, additional perks (like comfortable sleeping arrangements, treats, or grooming), and often a lower dog-to-staff ratio. If you’re looking for some of the best pet hotels in Florida, consider the following locations:

Six Best Pet Hotel in Florida 2022

1) V.I.Pet

VI Pet

Located in Orlando, Florida, V.I.Pet combines quality care with high-end amenities. All dog rooms are complete with comfortable beds, daily linens, treats, and in-room television. On top of that, air-conditioning is offered in every room for the ultimate in comfort.

While at the center, your dog will have full access to their “Hot Dog Park,” a play area designed for socializing, playing, and interacting with similar size animals or staff members. Cats boarding within the facility will enjoy 3-story condos, complete with comfortable beds, soothing music, and over eight feet of explorable space.

All clients will have access to live video streams on Facebook, photos and text messages, and Instagram stories featuring their pets.

2) Bass Pet Resort & Spa

Voted Best Pet Boarding in Osceola County, you’re going to love the family-oriented facility. Located within ten miles of Disney World, this pet care facility serves Central Florida. Keeping your pet happy, healthy, and active is the main focus of this resort, with a strong emphasis on being busy.

All rooms are spacious, complete with indoor and outdoor space. Every pet will have their own private bed within the unit, with upgraded suites having soothing music and televisions. With more than five acres of outdoor play areas, your dog is going to love exploring and playing on site.

Staff members and one-on-one playtime is offered to all pups, bringing personalized attention to every member. Consider adding on extra playtime, bathing, walks, or bedtime stories for those wanting to spoil their dogs further.

3) Posh Pet Hotel

Whether you’ve searched through a site like PetHotels.com or you spent hours reviewing on Google, this hotel has everything your pup wants and more. With 103 different rooms available for your pampered pet, this pet hotel has it all.

Offering an utterly cage-free environment, your pet will truly focus on relaxing and having fun instead of stressing out. All rooms include plenty of natural light, flat-screen televisions in the area, potty breaks, and a daycare pass.

Upgraded suites include pendulum lighting, orthopedic beds, bedtime stories, and more. Cats looking to stay at the facility will have personal suites, including a three-tiered condo, aquarium viewing, daily housekeeping, and more.

This facility can accommodate both short- and long-term stays, offering discounts for those staying longer than ten days.

4) The Dog Resort

Located in Fort Myers, this facility has been in business for over ten years. Offering cage-free boarding that will never leave your dog alone, this facility is the perfect escape for pups wanting to snuggle up at the end of a busy day.

The pet sitter on site will ensure that your dog is never left unattended. Whether your dog prefers sleeping on a comfortable pillow, bed, or snuggly blanket, it’s entirely their choice. Dogs will spend time with other playmates for indoor and outdoor playtime, nap time, and companionship.

Any registered pup staying five days or more will receive a complimentary bath. This establishment is perfect for any dog that loves canine interaction or staying in a pack mentality.

5) Sawgrass Pet Resort

Become Healthier pets can help

Located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, this center has two options available for pups. The standard boarding options include daily care, with discounted daycare options available. All luxury bookings will consist of a nightly treat, bedtime story, and the daily daycare included with reservation.

6) Very Important Paws

Very Important Paws has two simple goals: to provide dog owners peace of mind and to provide enjoyable, safe, and loving care for dogs.

Since 2004, they’ve offered a doggy daycare, spa, and hotel that is far more appealing to dogs than staying at home or in a drab kennel for the entire day.

They have dogs playing, romping, jumping, running, receiving exercise, and socializing with other dogs 365 days a year, for twelve hours a day. Our dog hotel is pure fun, and it is supervised by our professional team overnight.
Their doggy hotel suites are designed to be more relaxing for your dogs than a regular kennel or boarding facility while they are away from home. Grooming, training, and a store are also available at VIP.

You’ll also be able to purchase additional items a la carte, including grooming options, ice cream, personal playtime, or a full body massage. This center believes that playing all day needs more than just dogs; proper enrichment, socialization, and exercise is the key to mentally and physically fulfilling your pup.

All dogs will rotate throughout indoor and outdoor play areas, complete with quiet areas for rest and relaxation.

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