The holiday weekend season started and there is a little time to watch movies at home. But in fact, when you sit down to choose what to see in the evening, you get lost. If you do not know what to watch for the weekends, we offer you a selection of the best films of 2019. To catch up with more movie news, follow

Marriage Story

The Netflix film tells the story of a divorce of a young creative family. Spouses Charlie and Nicole played Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. They have a son. He is a director in the theater, and she is an actress in his productions. But at some point, she wanted to finally feel significant, but he still did not understand.

The Irishman

Another movie from Netflix. The picture is based on real events and tells about the hitman Frank Sheeran. The plot is based on Charles Brandtโ€™s novel โ€œI heard you paint at home.โ€ On his deathbed, Frank decides to tell the story of his mysterious past. It turns out that after the Second World War, he decided to continue to take lives, becoming a professional killer. He took the lives of 25 people, including well-known union leader Jimmy Hoff. The main role of the mercenary nicknamed the “Irishman” is played by Robert De Niro.


A reboot of the original Disney Aladdin shot by Guy Ritchie. The image of Genie was tried on by the irresistible Will Smith. The plot of the film will take the audience to Agrabu, where a young thief named Aladdin accidentally finds a lamp with a genie. Amazing opportunities open up before him to become a prince and win the heart of Jasmine, but at this time, Vizier Jafar intends to seize power, and for this, he needs the same lamp that he is going to take away from Aladdin.

Ford v Ferrari

The picture tells the story of the struggle between the teams of Ford and Ferrari, which unfolded at the race “Le Mans” in 1966. The plot focuses on eccentric and determined American engineers and designers, with whom the car visionary Carroll Shelby and his good friend British driver Ken Miles collaborate. They were sent to the team by Henry Ford II himself, to create from scratch a completely new car that could finally surpass the team of Enzo Ferrari, which always wins.

The Two Popes

The author of the film The City of God, Fernando Meirelles, delighted moviegoers with the wonderful buddy movie about the pontiffs played by the incomparable Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price. The plot focuses on the conservative Pope Benedict XVI reflecting on abdication. Therefore, he calls to the Vatican his main opponent – Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis. The tape is carefully directed, masterfully filmed, and brilliantly played by prominent actors.

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