A mattress plays a vital role in ensuring you have a sound and comfortable sleep. Its thickness and material all contribute towards recharging your batteries by relaxing your body.

If you are the type who prefers to sleep on your stomach, a gel memory foam mattress is recommended. This type of mattress is known to provide adequate support by conforming to your body’s natural curves.

The belly sleeping position reduces the gap between the mattress and your body. A medium to slightly firmer cushioning prevents your back from stiffening and arching.

Very soft mattresses that you sink into can play havoc with your spine and fail to provide proper support. Pay close attention to your mattress’s firmness as it is an important consideration that aids comfort and improves the quality of your sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are denser than their regular counterparts, making them heavier yet, proving unbeatable on the comfort front. The advanced version of a memory foam mattress boasts of superior cooling properties.

Gel microbeads are injected into the memory foam mattress to keep you cool and dry while lying down. Benefits of sleeping on gel memory foam mattresses include:

  • Disperses body heat
  • Highly durable
  • Provides great bodily support by adjusting to your sleeping position
  • Relieves pressure especially on pain points
  • Even the slightest movement on it does not disturb your sleep
  • Works well even when placed on adjustable bed bases

To prevent you from losing sleep over choosing the ideal mattress, listed here are relevant guidelines that will make the process smoother:

Analyze Your Sleep Position

Your mattress must support your sleeping style as only then will it facilitate maximum comfort. Considerable pressure is applied to the mattress beneath you as you lie flat on your tummy.

The mattress must evenly support your entire body without sinking in the middle because of additional pressure from your upper body. To rule out pain or discomfort while sleeping, choose a medium to a firm mattress. One that is rated a 5 to 7 on the firmness range with 10 being the firmest best suits your belly sleeping style.

Consider Your Body Type

Your body type largely determines the feel and support your body needs while sleeping. Aligning your mattress preference with your weight helps you find the ideal cushioning that assures you of a comfy sleep. If you weigh under 150 pounds, you are less likely to sink into even a very soft mattress completely.

Most mattresses are designed to support a 150 to 200-pound average build, including the gel memory foam ones designed for tummy sleepers. Even if you are on the heavier side, a dense memory foam mattress can withstand the excess weight pressure while the gel inclusion enhances breathability.

Examine Your Budget

Taking the cheap bargain route often results in compromising the quality of the product. You invest in a mattress, hoping it serves your purpose for a few years without adversely impacting your health and sleep. An inflated price tag does not necessarily guarantee a top-notch commodity.

Where you are assured of an authentic product with impeccable quality and durability, it is worth every penny spent. You can purchase an exceptional gel memory foam mattress for under $600 from reputed manufacturers committed to maintaining the highest standards.

Assess Your Firmness Need

How comfortable a mattress feels, whether soft or hard to the touch, is subject to your individual preference. Some mattresses guarantee universal comfort for people of all lengths, sizes, and preferable sleeping position styles.

As a stomach sleeper, you need a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm, conforms to your shape, and keeps your spine aligned. Your weight needs to be equally distributed while sleeping in that awkward position. Only then can you achieve the optimum level of comfort and wake up without aches and pains.

Review for Notable Benefits

While sleeping on your belly, there is considerable pressure applied on your mattress from your stomach region and less from your head, shoulders, and neck. Choose a mattress that caters to excess compression from your midsection without causing aches and pains to your other body parts.

Stomach sleepers are prone to developing a strain or stiffness in their backs. The problem of spine misalignment gets aggravated when you sleep face down on too soft or too firm a mattress. By opting for a memory foam mattress with the gel inside, you can safeguard yourself from potential physical ailments.

Consistently waking up in pain with a sore or stiff back indicates it’s time to change your mattress. Over time and with constant usage, mattresses can degrade in quality. They may reflect signs of wear and tear by sagging in the region where you generally sleep.

Even though the average life of a mattress is between 5-10 years, some last longer. At other times, even a relatively new mattress may not provide the comfort you desire.

It is crucial to find the perfect mattress that guarantees a comfortable siesta, especially when you mostly sleep on your belly. The chosen mattress must cradle not only your chest and hips but also support your torso.

Rely on a brand that adopts innovative technology to meet the requirements of its end-user.

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