Many people who decide to buy beauty products online have their doubts about it since they prefer to physically see what they are going to buy, especially if it is makeup. Other times, users only want to buy what is widely recommended by other customers, or buy a product they already know without having to go to a store.

In these latter cases, the best option is to buy in the different online makeup stores in Singapore. Since these purchases are fast, you get a wide variety of products and even brands that are not easily available in Singapore stores.

These are some of the online makeup stores in Singapore

In Singapore there are many quite recognized online stores to buy makeup, where you can buy everything you need to look good without worries, and here are some of these:


This is probably one of the most popular online makeup stores in Singapore; they have thousands of beauty products, including makeup and skin and hair care products. Their platform is straightforward and safe to use, but not only that, but they also have free shipping for orders over 40 USD.


This online store specializes in Lookfantastic brand makeup, but it’s also possible to find brands like Morphe here, Lime Crime, etc. Their catalog is vast, and the eyeshadow palettes are lovely. Shipping is entirely free, and its platform is very user friendly.

Tarte Cosmetics

This makeup brand uses completely natural ingredients, which is very innovative. It offers a wide variety of products that will renew anyone’s look, as they have everything that is needed for makeup kits. This online store has free shipping on purchases over 80 USD, and they also have a reward program for frequent customers that is very advantageous.

makeup online stores


Asos offers many of the world’s leading makeup brands, making it possible to find precisely what is needed and much more. This website is intuitive, offering free 28-day refunds and returns, and free shipping on purchases over $ 50.


In this online store, it is possible to find a wide variety of beauty products originating in Korea and its own line of high-quality makeup and skincare products. Like ASOS, it offers completely free 30-day refunds and returns and makes free shipping on purchases over $ 29.


It is possible to spend the whole day in this online makeup store since its catalog comprises almost 35,000 products, which belong to more than 800 of the most recognized brands in the cosmetics industry worldwide. Their site is very intuitive, and they have free shipping on purchases over 50 USD. Besides, they also offer the option of express shipping, so that the products can be in your hands in less than three business days.

makeup online stores


This is a favorite of all online makeup stores in Singapore. It is not in vain, as it offers an extensive catalog of products at highly competitive prices, so users will always get exactly what they are looking for while saving money on the process. Guardian offers the service of free shipping on purchases over 40 USD, and also has a Newsletter service where you can get exclusive offers and discounts on different products.

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