If you’re getting ready to take an international trip, you want the best hotel room to ensure the best experience.

But how can you be sure you’ll get the hotel room you want when you’re there?

Choose Your Best Dream Hotel Room for Your Trip

It starts by learning how to choose a dream hotel. After all, a hotel room is only as good as the hotel itself.

Once you find the right dream hotel, the next step is to understand that international hotels may be (very) different from what you currently know.

We’ve got seven tips to help you get started on your quest. Here are the things to do in a hotel room beyond basking in Luxury.

1. Be Specific About Your Needs

If you’re the fun-loving spontaneous type, you might be inclined to just land at your destination and then take your chances on the first hotel you see. This can be pretty risky when you’re dealing with international travel though.

The element of surprise can be wonderful. But when the surprise is a dirty room, a moldy bathroom, bed bugs, fleas, strange odors, lumpy beds, or loud noises, the romance quickly comes to an end. Standards for hotels can vary dramatically from country to country.

Now, if you have a high tolerance for certain discomforts, then maybe you’ll be okay with whatever comes your way. For most of us though, most of the items on the above list would be definite deal-breakers.

So be sure to consider all of your options. Know what kind of hotel you want, what you’re able to spend, where it should be, and what sort of amenities you’d like. This is especially true if you’re going to be spending more than just a night or two there.

Most importantly, list the items that are NOT negotiable. Get the genius hotel hacks thatโ€™ll save you money on your next vacation.

2. Read Reviews Carefully

With all of the information on the internet, it seems that it would be easy enough to find the information you need – complete with reviews and photos of your dream hotel room.

You can learn a lot about what the rooms are like by reading reviews from travelers. The caveat here though is that sometimes, a hotel will pay people to provide false positive reviews. In other cases, competing hotels will hire reviewers to say negative things.

Be cautious of reviews that are overly hyped in either direction and don’t take them seriously. If you read as many reviews as possible, ignoring those fringe reviews, you’ll begin to notice common themes and get a better feel for the rooms.

Also, look for travel sites that are more specific to the general area where you’re planning to travel. For example, if you were planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, a site like Umrah Booking would be a great place to begin.

3. Get Familiar With the Language

This isn’t to say you need to learn the actual language that’s spoken at your destination – although it helps! What we mean here is that the terminology used to explain hotel rooms can differ from country to country.

American hotel rooms generally come with two queen beds or a king-sized bed. But when traveling outside of the U.S., you’ll soon discover that bed configurations are set up differently. A “twin” designation means there will be two separate twin beds.

Meanwhile, a “double” means there will be one bed that can fit two people. It might be a full, a queen, a king, or potentially two twin beds pushed together. So it’s important you know these distinctions.

Also, if you’re to have more than two people in your room, don’t assume that there will be a sofa or even chair where another person can crash. Which brings us to our next point.

4. Be Flexible

A big part of the reason for the differences between American and international hotel rooms is that hotel rooms in other countries can be considerably smaller by comparison.

Rather than a large sprawling resort-type setting, many rooms may be located in small old buildings that now serve as hotels. So if you’re accustomed to having a lot of space to roam, then you have two options.

First, accept that you’ll be in a smaller space and find ways to make that work. Or second, seek out a larger room. Depending on where you go, you may be able to find one. Expect to pay a premium though.

5. Check the Bathroom Situation

Some bare bone accommodations include a shared bathroom. That means you won’t have your own bathroom.

This isn’t really standard though unless you’re on a very tight budget. Even so, if you’re planning to relax in a long hot bath, you may be disappointed. Showers tend to be small. And if there is a bathtub, it may come with a shower wand.

Furthermore, most bathrooms have both a bidet and toilet. And don’t expect to find any washcloths neatly folded and awaiting you. Most international hotels don’t offer these. Plus, hand and body towels will be smaller and they aren’t laundered every day.

You’ll need to hang them to dry rather than leave them in a pile on the floor.

6. Embrace Differences

There are other differences that you would be wise to anticipate so as not to be disappointed. One thing to consider is WiFi. This is a standard amenity in many American hotels. At an international hotel, there’s a good chance you will have to pay an extra charge.

Then there is the issue of television. In most cases, there will not be satellite channels such as ESPN or CNN. In fact, most hotels that are not part of a big chain offer local stations. That is, if there’s a TV at all.

Finally, it’s important to note that even the best hotels may not offer air conditioning. Or they will only run it when it is very hot.

7. Call Ahead

This is probably the simplest step.

Once you do find a hotel that appeals to you, be sure to call the hotel before arriving to speak to someone at the front desk. You can ask the clerk about the best rooms and then he or she can pre-register you in a particular room.

Get the Best Hotel Room

When traveling internationally, remember that the best hotel room may look different from what you know. Use the above tips and you’re sure to find a great room.

And for other great travel tips, keep checking back with our website’s Travel & Entertainment section!

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