Working in healthcare isn’t just a job: it’s a calling.

The chance to help the sick heal and restore hope to families is wonderful and powerful. Many people think you need to have a medical doctorate to work in this field!

In truth, some of the best healthcare jobs don’t require a doctorate. And it’s never too late to do something new with your life. Read on to discover what these jobs are!

1. Registered Nurse

One of the greatest healthcare jobs is to be a registered nurse. This job lets you be on the front lines of the medical world as you provide care and treatment to your patients.

The journey to becoming a registered nurse requires a lot of education. You must get an Associates or Bachelors degree and become licensed.

However, it’s still far cheaper and quicker than getting a doctorate. And you end up with a rewarding, high-paid job!

2. Home Health Aide

One of the best healthcare jobs that many don’t know about is the home health aide. These are people who provide individualized assistance to individuals in those individuals’ own homes!

It’s easy to get started on this path. If this sounds right for you, be sure to check out the home health aide classes near you!

3. Nurse Practitioner

Another awesome healthcare job that doesn’t require a doctorate is Nurse Practitioner. There are more steps to this job than in becoming a registered nurse, though.

For starters, you must already be a registered nurse. And if you don’t have one already, you’ll need to get a Bachelor’s degree. Finally, you’ll need a graduate degree such as a Master of Science in Nursing and to get certified in your particular state.

It’s a long road, but it’s still not as long (or as expensive) as getting a doctorate. And you end up with one of the most versatile healthcare jobs in the world!

4. Physician Assistant

Anyone who has been to the doctor knows that they always have an assistant (or more) helping them out. What you may not know is how easily you can become one of them!

The basic requirements for this include a Bachelor’s degree (ideally in a health-related field) and passing a certifying exam. You’ll probably also need a few years in the healthcare field, and some places encourage you to consider a graduate degree.

The final result is one of the best healthcare jobs you can find, working directly to help doctors save lives!

5. Dental Assistant

Another rewarding healthcare job is dental assistant. And it’s easier to enter this field than some of the others.

Many community and technical colleges offer a two-year degree focusing on this job. Such places may also help you find and complete an externship. After that, all you have to do is complete your licensing and certification!

It’s a quick path to a lifetime of helping to heal others.

The Bottom Line on the Best Healthcare Jobs

If you’re reading this, you like to make lives better. That includes your own!

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