Wine is a drink for all occasions.

Whether you’re looking to pair specialty wines with a three-course dinner, or you want to enjoy a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio on your couch, wine is a popular beverage. In 2018, wine production reached a new record of 293 million hectolitres of wine.

If you need a present for the wine enthusiasts in your life, they might love the Golden Girls wine glasses fromΒ Toynk, especially those who loved the show, this is the perfect gift for them. But if you want to find more ideas, keep reading. We’ve listed some of the best gift ideas for wine lovers below.

Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Coming up with the perfect present can be tricky. Regardless of if your friends prefer oaky Chardonnay or a bold Malbec, here are five wine-related gifts that will put a smile on any wine-lovers face.

1. Wine Cooler

No, we’re not advising a Mike’s Hard Lemonade for your wine enthusiast friends. We’re talking about a wine cooler that’s a flexible bag where wine bottles stay chilled when you’re on the go.

Wine lovers don’t have to settle for luke-warm wine at a BBQ or the beach. A wine cooler bag can hold one or multiple bottles, depending on the size. Most have handles and shoulder straps for easy carrying. There are many wine cooler brands to choose one, with varying prices.

2. Wine Cork Display

If there’s one thing a wine lover has a lot of, it is corks. A perfect wine-related gift is a cork holder. There are many different types of unique cork holders to choose from.

You can purchase a metal monogram letter and fill it with corks. There are cork wall hangers that come in different shapes, like the state you and your wine-loving friend live in. Or you can purchase a large vase, barrel, or a deep-dish frame to create a one-of-a-kind cork display.

3. Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Warm summer days call for a rose! Wine freeze cooling cups are a wine-lovers best friend. These glasses keep wine fresh and cold with their built-in cooling gets.

For white wine, store the cups in the freezer to thoroughly chill the glass. For reds, leave the cup in the fridge to get the cup to a nice, cool temperature. Once you pour in the wine, it’ll match the temperature of the cup.

4. Unique Wine Stoppers

If you know someone who always has a few open bottles of wine around, wine stoppers make an excellent gift. A wine or cork stopper preserves a wine’s properties. Without a stopper, oxygen enters the wine and damages it. Cork stoppers also protect against unwanted oils and bacteria from getting into the wine.

You can find a variety of unique wine stoppers online or in local wine stores. Wine stoppers can have fun shapes, like pineapples or sharks, at the top. Some wine stoppers are shaped as disco balls, letters, or the helmet of your favorite football team.

5. Wine Infused Coffee

Finally, the day has come that you don’t have to choose between wine and coffee. Wine-infused coffee soaks beans in wine. The coffee beans absorb the wine’s flavors and are set out to dry before being hand-roasted. The finished result is a delicious wine and coffee blend.

6. A Wine and Cigar Box

If you’re looking for a more unique gift idea for the wine lover in your life, why not consider a gift box with wine and cigars? Wine lovers are usually also smokers and thus, Cigars could be a great gift for a smoker. Try to choose a cigar type that could be easily paired with different wines. For example, Vega Fina cigars are perfect to enjoy with a glass of red wine and can make an impressive gift for any occasion. They are available in a variety of sizes and strengths, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your loved one. Whether you’re looking for a casual smoke or a luxurious gift, Vega Fina cigars are sure to please.

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Most people love wine, so wine-related gifts are always a good idea. With these gift ideas for wine lovers, you can give a present that will put a smile on any wine enthusiast’s face.

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