There are few things more important to humans than food. We are always searching for the next great meal or a new way to enjoy the classics. We have entire television networks dedicated to food. Prime-time tv shows feature our favorite chef yelling at unsuspecting chefs for getting lost in the weeds.

Now, the travel industry sales us trips to the best food cities. People are willing to travel thousands of miles to sample a city’s culinary treats.

What got us to this point?

Food Drove The Evolution Of Humanity

Humans have always traveled to find the best food. Most of the mass migrations in history were food-related. Hunter-gatherers following migration patterns to catch their next meal brought humans out of Africa, across the great steppes, and into North and South America.

Many scholars believe that the drive for food led to the human brain developing into what it is today. We began to imagine where food could be instead of only recognizing what’s in front of us.

Once humans developed cooking, our brains began to grow. The body retains more nutrients from cooked food, allowing our brains to develop to a larger size than what’s expected from a mammal of human size.

There are few things more important to humans than food. We are always searching for the next great meal or a new way to enjoy the classics. We have entire television networks dedicated to food. Prime-time tv shows feature our favorite chef yelling at unsuspecting chefs for getting lost in the weeds.

Humans colonized other countries to grow spices for their food. Some people believe that the next world war will be over…you guessed it, food.

In a sense, we still share the values of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We even have a diet based on these values, the paleo diet.

We still go on food expeditions to this day. We travel to find the freshest ingredients and most innovative foods. If you’re one of the brave travelers looking for a place to go on your next food trip, check out our list of the eight best food cities in America.


South Carolina has long been home to some of the best soul food in the world. Charleston, the jewel of the state, takes soul food to a whole new level.

From fried tomatoes to seafood with a southern twist, every southern dish imaginable is available and cooked to perfection. Not only do you get mouth-watering dishes, but you enjoy them in one of the most scenic cities in the world.

Head down to Circa 1886 and enjoy smoked salmon parfait before spending your night listening to beach music and eating oysters on Folly Beach.

New York City

The big apple is the center of the world when it comes to culture, industry, and food. There’s nothing you can’t get here, and you get it whenever you want it. New York isn’t called the city that never sleeps for anything.

The diversity of choices sets New York apart from almost anywhere else. You’re always a short walk or subway ride away from world-class cuisine. Most of the time, you’re able to mix and match depending on your tastes.

Of course, such a large diversity of food often comes at the expense of taste. In New York, however, there are dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants and world-famous chefs making every type of food imaginable. If you’ve never been on a foodie road trip, New York is the place to start. Load up your favorite podcast, walk the streets, and try everything you encounter.

Los Angeles

Palm trees, beaches, perfect weather, and good food. Is there anything else you could want from a foodie mecca?

Much like New York, LA has a wide-range of food types. Many of the world’s top chefs open restaurants in the city and immigrants open restaurants serving authentic foods. It’s not uncommon to see a Michelin-rated eatery next to a Mexican-style cantina.

The key to dining in Los Angeles is getting away from the touristy locations. There are great places to eat on Santa Monica Blvd, but a short drive away is some of the best southwestern grills in the country. Explore the city and stop at the stands off the beaten path. You won’t be sorry.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is the home of some of the most influential movements in history. In the music industry, grunge dominated the 90’s rock scene. Microsoft revolutionized the way the world communicates; the article that your reading, even if it’s on an Apple product, owes its origins in some way to the company.

For food, the rise of independent vendors and farm-to-table dining began to take root in the Northwest. Seattle’s unique climate allows farmers to grow numerous ingredients for expert chefs to take advantage of.

If you’re a sushi fan (who isn’t) stop by Shiro’s. He was the first sushi chef in Seattle 40 years ago and still goes to the fish market daily to get his ingredients. If you get there early, there’s a good chance he’ll be working the bar. Sit back and let a legend serve you.

If you want French cuisine in Seattle, stop by Le Pichet. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and some wine while feeling that you’re in a French cafe.

Memphis, TN

Everyone knows that Memphis is the home of the blues. As it turns out, good food and great music go hand in hand.

Being good at the blues requires passion and dedication to the craft. The city embraces this grit and grinds mentality, and it shows in their food as well. To the people of Memphis, food is a point of pride.

Head out to East Memphis for a breakfast feast at the Pancake House. You’ll enjoy country ham (prepared correctly. Sorry northerners) with a short stack and grits for under ten bucks.

Head over to Huey’s for the best burger in the city, if not the country. A local meat market makes Huey’s patties daily. The burgers are thick, the fries are crispy, and the environment can’t is fun.

Finally, hit up a BBQ joint before you leave. You’re in Memphis; it’s sacrilegious to not eat BBQ at least once.

Most people stop at Corky’s or Rendevouz, but the locals stay away from the tourists and the lines they bring. Instead, head to Midtown for a meal at the Bar-B-Que shop.

They’ve got the best dry rub in the world and hot sauce that will make you sweat in all the right ways.

Miami, FL

If you’re from somewhere else, you probably know Florida as the land of hurricanes, Disney World, weird news, and the place Lebron took his talents to.

While the rest of the world focuses on a giant cartoon mouse, Miami is building a culinary juggernaut.

Of course, Cuban food is a staple of the area. Just about every street has some sort of Cuban deli or restaurant. Ask five locals their favorite spot and they’ll name five different places.

Our advice? Try them all. Don’t be afraid to experiment in this city. Stop by every place you can and eat light. It’s the only way you’ll appreciate the wonderful diversity of this city.

There is one suggestion for sushi lovers, however. Instead of getting caught up in the bells and whistles of other locations, head over to 79th Street and look for the Japanese market. It’s in the middle of a strip mall, so you might miss it.

Inside of the market is a cafe that serves amazing sushi. Not good, not great, but amazing. Its sushi served the way it should be. Locals rave about this place for a reason: it’s simple, quick, and delicious

Chicago, IL

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a city looked at the pizza and said “we can do better?”

Welcome to Chicago.

There’s a pizza controversy involving Chicago pizza. Some people think it’s an abomination to even call it pizza, while others view it as a Midwestern delicacy. We’re gonna side with the people that can’t get enough of it.

Don’t believe us? Go to Tano’s Pizzeria in Irving Park, get a stuffed pizza with your favorite toppings, and come back to see us. We have a feeling you’ll never look at pizza the same way again.

It’s not just pizza that puts Chicago second on our best food cities list. Bon Appetit named the city the restaurant capital of America. You’ll find anything your heart desires prepared by expert chefs.

Las Vegas, NV

Vegas is everything to everyone. Behind the casinos and tourist traps is a thriving food community that has something for every taste.

You’ll need more than one day to find all the foodie spots in Vegas. Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres should be on everyone’s list. It’s one of three restaurants to serve Kobe beef in Vegas. Other items include cotton candy foie gras and caviar flights.

This restaurant represents what makes Vegas the best place for foodies; bravery and creativity.

Vegas chefs don’t accept anything as good enough. They are always looking for innovative ways to push things further.

There are thousands of restaurants in the Vegas area, each looking to meet the needs of millions of tourists. Not only will you find everything you want, but you’ll discover new twists on old favorites.

The best part about Vegas? After you spend a day stuffing your face with delicious foods, you can enjoy the best nightlife in America. Catch a show, gamble some money away, or better yet, get the bottle service at the Omnia!

Ready To Travel To The Best Food Cities?

The US is the best country to live in for foodies. No matter where you live, there’s always great food right around the corner. Remember to enjoy the trip as much as the destination. It would be a shame to drive to Miami without taking in the ocean, the Everglades, and Spanish historical sites while you’re there.

If you are planning a road trip, let us help you! Our travel section has amazing advice that will help take the stress out of vacations. If you have any questions about our website, feel free to drop us a line here.

Travel safe and eat riskily.

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