Young car enthusiasts spend $72 billion a year customizing their rides. One of the most popular mods is to change out the exhaust. You can upgrade the look, sound, and magnaflow performance exhaust systems of your car with this one change.

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust Systems

But to get all of these benefits, you need to choose the best exhaust system. Check out these muffler brands and why they’re the best picks for your car’s magnaflow performance exhaust systems.

1. Magnaflow: Most Well-known Brands in Aftermarket

This is one of the most well-known brands in aftermarket mufflers. This is because its mufflers are carefully constructed, fit vehicles easily, and provide reliable performance.

They’re typically made of stainless steel and feature expert bends and shapes. This encourages a strong flow of exhaust away from the engine while also resisting corrosion. This makes them one of the best performance exhaust systems.

Performance enthusiasts love this because it means a boost in horsepower and fuel mileage. In addition to the impressive performance qualities, Magnaflow finishes their exhaust systems with shiny mirror-perfect tips. This accents your car’s rear end and gives it that show quality finish.

2. Borla: Good Performance and Sound Improvement

The Borla exhaust systems are popular because not only do you get performance and sound improvement, but you can also breathe easy knowing they’re legal in all 50 states. They have a few different options, stainless tubing, high-flow mufflers, and an available multi-core.

Check out the straight-through designs for some of the loudest exhaust systems. Each exhaust system gets perfectly tuned to the exacting specs of your vehicle. This ensures the greatest boost in performance.

3. Corsa: For Driving to Work

Do you want an exhaust that’s quiet and unassuming when you’re driving to work but can scream you’re ready to hit the gas? Corsa is the exhaust brand for you. It’s similar to other exhausts on this list with mandrel-bent stainless steel tubes.

Where things get impressive is with the baffles. Built into the exhaust system are these noise-canceling baffles that redirect loud frequency sound waves into each other. This quiets the regular operation down, so you don’t have to scream at your passenger when idling at a red light.

4. Flowmaster: Impressive Sound and Rich Tones

Muscle car owners love Flowmaster Exhaust for its impressive sound and rich tones. Its pipes achieve this by creating mandrel-bent pipes and a chambered muffler. This helps the mufflers to direct the exhaust fumes away from the car while creating a sound that enthusiasts love.

These magnaflow performance exhaust systems are well made and feature secure welds. This ensures your aftermarket muffler will withstand the abuse of aggressive driving.

Install the Best Exhaust on Your Ride

Are you ready to give your car a new sound? Then choose from the best magnaflow performance exhaust systems on the market. Start by looking for the particular models that are compatible with your vehicle.

Then listen to the sound they produce by watching installation and performance videos. You can also compare specs. Narrow down your options until you find the perfect magnaflow performance exhaust systems for you.

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