A recent consumer survey revealed that two-thirds of consumers admitted that shopping deals and discounts influence their purchasing decisions. Incentivizing customers is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy designed to influence prospects and nurture brand positivity. Consequently, Calgary’s cannabis delivery services typically utilize consumer incentives to pass savings onto their customers, adding value to their shopping experience.

The incentives are a welcome relief, given that Alberta province features among Canada’s provinces with the highest legal cannabis retail prices. So if you want to optimize your weed budget, find out the outstanding deals, outstanding delivery services like Black Rabbit weed delivery has to offer Calgary’s residents below.

1. Introductory Discounts

Introductory Discounts

Before the pandemic, the provincial government-run Alberta Gaming, Liquor, And Cannabis (AGLC) had the exclusive mandate to offer online cannabis sales in Calgary. However, when Alberta’s provincial government included licensed cannabis dispensaries in the province’s list of essential services, private licensed weed dispensaries stepped in. The delivery services prioritized giving Calgary’s cannabis consumers reasonable access to their favorite cannabis products.

So, if you are among Calgary’s residents who are yet to try out the city’s weed delivery services, you stand to benefit from their welcome discount coupons. Most licensed weed delivery services display banners with a welcome coupon code on their homepage, urging new users to utilize the code and save money on their first order. The welcome coupon code value ranges from 10%to 30% off your total purchase, depending on the vendor’s policy.

Regular weed delivery service customers can also benefit from welcome discounts when they use new delivery service platforms. Moreover, some platforms allow you to stack up welcome coupons alongside other available coupons for maximum savings. However,  ensure the deal you have landed is from a reputable licensed delivery service with a commendable track record.

2. Free Same-day Cannabis Delivery

Some cannabis consumers posit that delivery costs inflate weed delivery services’ prices, refraining from using cannabis delivery services altogether. While cannabis freight charges are a necessary nuisance for many customers, they are not hefty enough to justify indifference.

Regardless of your position on the matter, you can beat delivery fees by utilizing free same-day delivery deals offered by various delivery services in Calgary. The delivery services typically offer free delivery services for orders above a specified amount.

However, do not mistake “free delivery” for “free same-day delivery;” consult the delivery service’s customer care team and confirm the delivery service type on offer. You stand to make mega savings between cannabis delivery services‘ typical affordable prices and waived delivery fees.

3. Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is an online retail strategy designed to reward repeat customers for their positive brand attitude. The customer retention strategy allows you to save as you spend by awarding you loyalty points. Each loyalty point is equivalent to a preset amount, say one point earned for every $10 spent.

Loyalty programs are the best form of saving because you can redeem earned points and pay for future orders on the platform. Some delivery services go a step further and create categories according to accumulated points so that the biggest earners get special perks.  Most delivery service loyalty points do not have expiry dates, allowing you to save indefinitely each time you spend money on weed.

4. Bulk Purchase Discounts

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Any discerning shopper knows that bulk purchases always make more economic sense than single item purchases. The principle equally applies to cannabis purchases made via wed delivery services, except they top up your price savings with a percentage discount.

The weed delivery services set a discount for purchasing multiple items of the same SKU. Bulk purchase discounts benefit shoppers and retailers alike because while buyers get a

discount, retailers clear slow-moving stock and break even rather than incurring losses.

However, bulk purchase discounts are ideal for familiar products, helping you avoid getting stuck with weed products that are unappealing to your palate.

5. Complimentary Gifts

Sometimes weed delivery services may reward you with select gifts according to specified terms and conditions while stocks last. Cannabis edibles and flowers are among the most common free items weed delivery services give their customers.

Complimentary gifts save you some money if the gift item is already on your shopping list. Second, such gifts offer an affordable way to experiment with different cannabis products without experiencing buyers’ remorse. Therefore, look out for weed delivery services offering complimentary gifts.

6. Promotional Coupons And Discounts

Most weed delivery services in Calgary hold regular promotional activities to encourage cannabis consumers to expand individual average basket sizes. The average basket size is the number of items you buy in a single order.

Some delivery service providers allow you to stack promotional codes from multiple sales to maximize savings, while others restrict coupon-stacking. According to the consumer survey referenced above, 80% of consumers admit that discounts motivate them to try new brands’ products. So, besides savings, utilize the wiggle room discounts allows you to spend some money on new cannabis products.

7. Bundles

Cannabis delivery services may also group multiple products into bundles so that you get more value for buying a single SKU. Similar to bulk-purchase discounts, bundles also allow retailers to move dead stock while passing savings to consumers.


Weed delivery service

Cannabis delivery service deals allow you to enjoy various top-quality weed products on a budget. So, look out for super deals on different cannabis delivery platforms; you can use deal-tracking apps to simplify the process.

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