Darkness is their ally. They know when we are away and when there is no danger for them. For a pest as small as them, cockroach sure got instincts sharper than the others.

Having cockroaches is bad enough. Getting rid of them is twice as hard. Ask for the best Cockroaches exterminator in Phoenix, AZ professional help to dispose of them.

The problem with cockroaches is that we really never know when they will launch an attack. They creep unto our food and things, ever so silently and surreptitiously.

The reason for this is because they can flatten themselves to unbelievable thinness. For everybody’s benefit, a cockroach can slip into a tiny crack, smaller than its diameter. This superfluous agility thus enables them to gain access through most houses and buildings.

If there is a crack or even a small opening in your home, then to be sure, there are cockroaches in your abode.

Cockroaches are very hard to remove. They lurk in dark, hard to reach places. Simple spraying of insecticide will only net you a few of them. It is not enough because you can’t get through the nesting places.

The cockroaches will just continue breeding and replacing those you have eliminated. The process will just go on and on with nary an end in sight. You will just be wasting your time and money — not to mention the considerable effort you will go through. It will just be an exercise in futility.

Why is it important to curb the growth of cockroaches at home?

Along with carrying a range of hazardous diseases and serious health concerns such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and typhoid, they are also infamous for their droppings which lead to agonizing symptoms of asthma and eczema.


The presence of this distasteful pest at home, disturbs the healthy ambiance and also leads to the production of an obnoxious odor, which causes tainting in objects and food which come into contact with the same.

The rapid breeding speed of cockroaches and their high resilience make it very difficult for homemakers to curb their growth and increase in population.

Under the circumstances, it becomes important to call in professional help or pest controllers to take well-equipped measures to harness their growth rate.

How do you look for signs of cockroaches in your home?

Information about the facts and truths about how to prevent cockroaches is surely incomplete without including some important points about the telltale habits of cockroaches:

These nocturnal creatures remain in hiding during the day and can be seen on kitchen tops, basins, counters, and the dining table, when one switches on the light at night.

Their cast skins and egg cases can be seen on crockery or other objects which have not been used for some time.

The horizontal surfaces and floor-wall junctions are the most common places to find the droppings of cockroaches which are black or dark brown in coloration and cylindrical or irregular in shape.

Cockroach infestations can be easily identified with the musty and unpleasant smell which is noticeable very close to their points of harborage.

What is the extent of damage caused by cockroach infestations at home?

As these cockroaches are omnivorous in nature, they eat almost anything that comes their way. Ranging from organic goods, food, and books to leather, plastics animal matter and clothing, they are known to create widespread damage as they go about feeding themselves on hundreds of items around the house.

How to prevent cockroaches at home?

Apart from sealing off the entry points such as the gaps under the windows and doors, exterior pipes or open cavities which extend invitation to cockroaches, it is also a good idea to seal their probable habitats and areas that harbor them during the daytimes.

Cracks, crevices, skirting boards, space under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and behind electric appliances, are the most common areas of concern.

Effective cleaning processes, timely pest controls and stowing things in plastic bags or tightly closed containers along with stopping food wastage in kitchen bins or spillage of liquids go a long way in denying them resources for sustenance.

These steps help homeowners eliminate cockroaches and keep their environment healthier and free from pests.

Written by Digvijay Singh Kanwar

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