For many vapers, CBD has become a fun and convenient way to add a little extra CBD into their diet. Packed with many of the same potential health benefits as CBD oils, CBD cartridges turn your best CBD cartridges routine into something you look forward to every day.

When it comes to vaping CBD, you can take a few different paths, from super simple disposal vape pens to customizable vape liquids that allow you to mix flavors and terpenes. Vape cartridges offer a perfect middle ground enabling you to use your own vape pen while having the convenience of pre-measured CBD liquids to enjoy the best CBD cartridges.

Best CBD Cartridges Exciting Flavor

Ready to use out of the box, most vape cartridges require you to slot them into your vape pen and enjoy. With cartridges, you are able to cut down on a lot of the waste created with disposal options while still benefiting from their simplicity.

To get the most from your CBD vaping experience, it is essential to choose brands that deliver quality and not just exciting flavor options that do very little. So, where can you find the best CBD cartridges in 2020?

#1. Medix CBD – Best for Targeted Effects

Medix CBD has three cartridges to choose from, with each one carefully designed to trigger a slightly different mood and effects. Options include a focus cartridge – perfect for daytime use – a relax cartridge, and a sleep cartridge, ideal for use just before bed.

Having the three different themes to choose from makes it easy for you to control the effects felt and tailor your CBD intake to match your mood and environment throughout the day.

Medix CBD uses a full-spectrum blend, which contains a full terpene formula; this powerful combination ensures that all of the different cannabinoids are able to work to their full potential. The differing terpene blends found in each cartridge give each of the three options their own distinct and enjoyable flavor profile.

Medix CBD’s vape cartridges are the perfect CBD solution for those who prefer to consume a small amount of CBD throughout the day. The three terpene blends mean that you can easily transition from energetic morning to a relaxing evening with ease.

#2. Just CBD – Best for Flavor

Just CBD has an extensive range of flavor-packed best CBD cartridges to choose from so that you can enjoy a new flavor experience every day. With options such as blueberry, vanilla custard cream, and honey, it is hard not to find a flavor profile that you love.

All of Just the best CBD cartridges are made using a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for smooth and enjoyable vapor. Hemp-derived cannabinoids and food-grade flavorings are then added to give each cartridge its powerful burst of CBD and delicious flavor.

Just CBD’s simple yet effective formula allows you to enjoy a wide range of tasty flavors healthily and.

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Best Broad-Spectrum Cartridge

Cheef Botanicals uses a broad-spectrum CBD formula to create all of their vape cartridges that they guarantee to be completely THC-free. Cheef Botanicals is an excellent option for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD oil without worrying about the risk of consuming even small amounts of THC.

To keep its vape cartridges as healthy as possible, Cheef Botanicals uses 100% natural ingredients across their entire range. Showcasing that natural products can also be fun, Cheef Botanicals has a variety of fruity flavor options to choose from. Among the many different flavor profiles you will find Cactus Cooler, Mango, and Watermelon.

#4. Vape Green – Best Bulk Buy Option

While Vape Green does sell their vape cartridges individually, they also offer excellent savings in the form of their nine pack bulk buy option. The single-cartridge option is excellent for testing the different flavors and discovering which ones you enjoy the most. The nine-pack options allow you to save and stock up on your top picks.

All of Vape Green’s cartridges contain potent full-spectrum best CBD cartridges along with rich terpene flavors that give it cartridge its delicious flavor profile. Flavors include Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Frosty Watermelon, and Chocolate Mint.

Vape Green even has a cartridge lover’s bundle, allowing you to combine all four flavors into one bundle so that you can still benefit from their bulk discounts.

#5. Funky Farms – Best for Compatibility

Funky Farms uses a high-quality ceramic coil and a 510 connection to create its cartridges, ensuring that they are compatible with most vape pens you find for sale. Funky Farms’ versatile cartridges offer peace of mind and mean that you can use your favorite vape pens hassle-free.

All of Funky Farms’ cartridges contain 300mg of high-quality, terpene-rich CBD extract. There are several fun flavor profiles available, such as Wedding Cake and Gorilla Glue, as well as popular strains, including Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best CBD Cartridges in 2020

When it comes to spotting high-quality CBD vape cartridges worth spending your money on, it is vital to know what features set them apart from the crowd. Understanding how CBD works and knowing about the effects of different concentrations and terpenes will ensure you only buy the best cartridges on the market.

WayofLeaf is a great place to start learning more about best CBD cartridges. With articles that are both easy to understand and that teach you all you need to know, WayofLeaf will have you shopping with confidence in no time with cannabis.

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