Here we introduce you to the five best casinos in Florida. Although Florida isn’t mainly famous for its gambling scene, you would be surprised to know that this Sunshine state has its fair share of some of the best casinos that are beautifully designed and offer various gaming options to its players.

Generally, like most states in the US, Florida offers many casinos, and each and every one has its own share of benefits for players. Entering a casino can be pretty daunting, but as long as you know what you are looking for and follow some basic steps, a fun experience will be guaranteed.

Three main things you should consider when picking the best casinos in Florida:

  1. The ambiance
  2. Game options
  3. High RTP

The state of Florida is most definitely luring gambler enthusiasts with its plethora of gaming and entertainment venues, specifically casinos. From classic poker tables to electronic table games and from tribal casinos to racinos, there’s something for everyone.

If you are a tourist searching best casinos in Florida to get your game on, you will find the map of casinos in Florida at quite helpful. Indeed, the last thing anyone wants is to get lost in an unknown city.

Best Casinos In Florida

#1 Seminole Casino

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The Seminole casino is located in the middle of Florida and it’s one of the best casinos in Florida. Year after year, this casino draws a huge number of crowds from all over the world. With that said, it’s safe to say that tourists make some of the most beautiful and best memories in Florida.

Gambler enthusiasts can get to play in over 400 slot machines that are different from one another and are spread out over 28.000 square feet!

This casino offers a wide range of games. They got the latest video slots as well as the classic gambling games. The beauty lies in the fact that no matter how big your bankroll is, you can gamble with a small penny to $5 per spin all night long.

The Seminole casino opened in 1980 by the Seminole tribe, and it’s considered one of the biggest entertainment complexes built on Native American land.

Aside from luxurious slot machines, this casino offers a great selection of table games and regular bingo. This casino also provides a lot of prizes, giveaways, and free-play events throughout the month.

#2 Magic City Casino


Back in 2018, Magic City casino transformed to Jai-Alai from a Greyhound racing complex. It’s one of the best casinos in Florida. So, if you are a gambler enthusiast looking for the jai-alai, here you will get matches every week from Wednesday through Sunday.

If there’s one thing that attracts players the most in this casino, it’s electronic table games, the latest technology in casino games. All of the 40 casinos’ table games are electronic. Most first-time visitors often think of electronic games as slot machines.

The Magic City casinos’ floor space is 40.000 square feet, and it offers more than 800 slot machines, 19 poker tables, and 40 electronic table games.

Finally, this casino is famous for its passive poker jackpots, and if you ever happen to win it, make sure that you dispose of the money wisely and invest it in your future.

#3 Dania Jai-Alai

Dania Jai-Alai casino is one of the newest casinos in Broward County in Florida. Though it’s relatively new, it can be considered one of the best casinos in Florida. It features over 700 slot machines and 21 table card rooms. Players get to enjoy a wide range of recognized musicians and artists.

The environment and atmosphere are very friendly and ideal for gambler enthusiasts. This casino offers a sports bar and various dining options, as well as a live Jai-Alai. The staff in this casino are very professional, and they are there to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Jai-Alai is basically a racquetball with a bit of twist. Instead of racquets, players have curved baskets strapped to their hands. And even though this sport is not at the top of mind for many Americans, it’s alive and thriving in Florida.

#4 Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Casino is considered one of South Florida’s most iconic entertainment destinations. From live dealers and video roulette games to high-limit slots room and video poker, this place has it all under one roof.

The casinos’ floor space is 140,000 square feet, and it offers over 200 gaming tables, over 3.000 slots, and 45 poker tables.

This casino was launched in the 1970s, and the brand hit its peak level of popularity in the 90s. However, even though the brand isn’t as famous as it once was, it still holds great power to draw in the crowds by being one of the best casinos in Florida.

#5 The Big Easy

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The Big Easy Casino is a palace that ensures your gaming activities are full of fun. The floor space is 70,000 square feet with over 800 slot machines and 30 poker tables.

Even though this casino doesn’t have any kind of table games, it has the largest number of video poker games in Florida. And that’s what makes it one of the best casinos in Florida. The two most popular attractions at the Big Easy are slot machines and video poker machines.

One interesting fact about this casino is their krewe club membership program, where anyone over 21 can apply and receive a $25 bonus play when signing up.

The krewe membership program includes gold, purple, black, and platinum levels, and with each level passed, players get more exclusive benefits.

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