If you’re one of the many young people who are graduating from high school in Florida this year, it’s likely that you’re starting to think about the prospect of getting some full-time paid work. Perhaps you’re already working and are looking to increase your hours. Maybe you’ve decided that college isn’t for you and want to give your career a head start. Alternatively, perhaps you’re taking a break in between one stage and another and are thinking of a mini-career to earn some cash and gain some experience.

Whatever your personal situation, there’s an option for you when it comes to making money in Florida in 2022. This blog post will share some ideas for what career paths you could take – and also help you think in general terms about what moves are likely to give you the best shot at enhancing your career right here in the Sunshine State, without having to move away.

Best Career Paths

Option 1: Tourism


Florida is well known for its tourism industry, and those who are seeking a move into a particular career might want to consider whether this is right for them. The Florida tourism industry is worth more than $40bn per year, and it is represented by some of the world’s most recognizable leisure brands, including Universal and Disney, both of which have huge presences here.

You need certain skills in order to make your mark in the tourism world. For example, you need to have good customer service skills; this can be hard for some younger people, especially those who are just leaving school. It may be worth speaking to someone you know who already works in the tourism industry to get some tips on how to be confident, put yourself out there, and give the customers you meet the experiences of their lives.

Option 2: Marketing

Another option is to move into a specific professional skill area, such as marketing. In Florida, there are plenty of industries that require marketing support. One of them is the huge tourism sector as outlined above, but there are others, including aviation, defense, professional services, and more.

Moving into marketing isn’t always easy though. Unlike some career paths where you can always “train on the job”, marketing roles don’t always offer that. Instead, there’s an increasing expectation in some marketing circles that you’ll be educated to degree level, which isn’t always easy to agree to do, even if you’ve got your heart set on it. Luckily, some well-known institutions such as Emerson College have put together an Online Master’s in Marketing course to help you learn on your own terms for the most part. This can enable you to pursue a marketing career without some of the downsides that you’d potentially find if you went the traditional learning route.

Option 3: Local Industry

Career paths

Florida is a large state with a diversified economy, which is great for those who are unsure where their career paths are likely to take them – not least of all because it means that they can work in the state they live in and step into an established sector.

The options, as mentioned above, are diverse. You could, for example, move into the professional services sector. This is ideal for those who are not yet sure exactly what they want to do and want to start a trainee program that has a management pathway open to them in the future. Professional services trainees get to see many different sides to business life, including the financial side, leadership side, operational side, and much more, so it’s ideal for those who are uncertain, or who want to pick up broad skills.

Another option is to move into Florida’s large aviation industry. The state has long been known for flying. It is home to some of the country’s most important airports, such as Miami International, which is a conduit on several routes between the US and Latin America. The aviation industry in the state also offers opportunities for high school graduates to immerse themselves in cutting-edge research too.

Making Your Own Way

career path

Finally, an important note of warning: while these career paths are all worthwhile, they’re also just ideas. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to review your skills and make sure that you know what you’re good at, and, by the same token, what you’re not so good at. That way, you can narrow down your job choices based on what’s more likely to work out.

To review your skills, you could start first with what you enjoy. Often, the reason you enjoy something is that you’re good at it. Conversely, if you’re good at something, you often find yourself enjoying it. Sometimes, this leads directly to a job suggestion. For example, if you enjoy being with animals, then becoming a vet, a vet nurse or a pet sitter might be options to explore. Of course, you then need to follow up on each option and examine your skills further. Becoming a vet also requires scientific skills, so you’ll need those if you want to proceed. You could also think about school to see what you’re good at there. If you’re a whizz at maths, then working out what sort of jobs might work for you could include becoming an accountant or a bookkeeper.

Overall, there are plenty of options open to those who are completing school in Florida this year and looking to take their first steps into the world of work. Whether it’s going for a job in a recognized field such as marketing or keeping your options open with some casual tourism industry work instead, there’s something for you no matter what your skills are. By keeping a constant eye on your long-term goals, you can ensure that you get the skills you need to proceed to the next stage.

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