There are cities in the US that you visit if you want to get away for a paradisiac beach trip. There are other cities in the US that you visit if you want to have a full-on rager in some of the best nightlife spots around like top restaurants, bars, and clubs. Then there are cities that you visit if you’re looking to get a true sporting fix, with options for anyone from NBA, to MLB, NFL, and even college football odds fans to get in on the action.

While in order to meet one or two of those criteria tourists usually have to do some very intricate research, Florida is just there waiting for everyone to come and visit. You have the beaches in South Florida, theme parks in Orlando, wildlife in north Florida, and above all, superior sports action all around. So if you’re a sports fan who’s looking for a place to visit that can cater to all of your sports tourism needs, here are some of the best activities to do while visiting Florida.

Activities To Enjoy In Florida If You Are A Sports Fan

You’re A Football Fan? Well You’re In Luck

You’re A Football Fan

Now that the NFL has finally started allowing fans to host fans back into their stadiums in full capacity for the upcoming 2021 season, of course following the proper and respective health and safety COVID-19 protocols, why not catch a football game from any of the top football teams in the state? On the one hand, you have the defending Super Bowl champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It should be a bucket-list item for every football fan in the world to be able to watch Tom Brady live in action before he decides that being the best player in the sport is a thing of the past and he rides off into the sporting Olympus.

If you’re not a fan of Brady, which it’s not hard to understand given that he’s beaten every team in the NFL but you still want to catch some fun pro football action there are two other great options to cater to your wants. On the one hand, you have the Dolphins in Miami. Now, even if it’s the Dolphins you can’t deny that catching an NFL game and then being able to go chill in one of the many beautiful beaches that South Florida offers is not an enticing idea. But if you’re not in such a beach mode then visit Jacksonville where you can watch one of the best generational talents in the NFL, QB Trevor Lawrence take his first steps in the pros, because you never know, you might be looking at the next great football star in the world. Buy NBA tickets here.

Florida’s Got NBA, MLB, NHL, And MLS Action As Well

Florida’s Got NBA, MLB, NHL, And MLS Action As Well

When you think of where the NHL champions hail from, I’m pretty sure that unless you’re a diehard hockey fan, you’re not thinking of Florida as your number one choice, but I think the reigning Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning could have a thing or two to say about that. This just goes to prove that Florida can easily cater for any sports fan around to have their version of what they’re looking for.

Oh wait, you’re not that into hockey, you’re more of a soccer fan? Then checking out David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF in action or Orlando City SC is a must-do activity. But now, if you’re more about the simple pleasures of catching a great baseball or basketball game, then rest assured that Florida has got you covered all around. From catching a Heat game in Miami or a Magic game in Orlando to checking out the Rays in Tampa Bay or the Marlins in Miami to get a feel of what “America’s favorite pastime” looks like in Florida, if your deal is basketball or baseball then Florida will surely fit you just right.

Florida’s College Sports Culture Is Not To Be Missed

Florida’s College Sports Culture Is Not To Be Missed

If you’re a sports fan of college sports like football and basketball to name a few then you know that schools like Florida State, the University of Florida and the University of Miami host three of the most important college sports programs in all of the US and the level of passion and intensity with which sports are lived there by their fans is almost unmatched.

From experiencing FSU’s flaming spear ceremony where a student portraying the character of “Chief Osceola” rides into the field on a horse and plants a flaming spear on to the playing turf, s tradition that has been going on since 1978, to the Florida Gators famed “Two Bits” cheer, where before each game the crowds will scream at the top of their lungs the historic “Two bits! Four bits! Six bits! A dollar! All for the Gators, stand up and holler” cheer invented in the late 40’s by Florida sports fan George Edmonson and also the Miami Hurricanes famed smoke taking of the field which creates an even bigger ambiance of mystique and passion, Florida ridden schools have a little bit of everything to make all sports fans, locals and visitors experience some top-caliber sports entertainment.

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