Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear, it’s how you wear it. It the rarely changing men’s fashion, it’s the tiny changes or alterations that can make a huge impact. All you really need are the best accessories for men.

All it takes is a statement baseball hat, a bold pin or dynamic belt to really pull your look together.

Best Accessories for Men

This year we’re seeing more accessories for men than ever before. From fun cufflinks to lasting luggage to statement shades, there’s no limit to style. Here are the best accessories for men to add some flair to your 2020 wardrobe.

A Basic Baseball Cap

A baseball cap might sound pretty basic, and you already probably own a bunch of them. But a statement baseball cap can really upgrade your summer wardrobe. This piece is perfect for a sunny beach day, a day-long BBQ, or a windy boat.

We’re seeing a lot of styles in just basic solid colors, bold logos or even throwback graphics. Your best bet is to find a color and style that will pair well with most of your wardrobe.

A Good Quality Belt

A good belt is a key to not only tying together your outfit but in some cases keeping your pants up. Isn’t it time you upgrade that ratty belt you’ve been wearing since college?

Update your belt with some of the looks we’re seeing this year like your basic black belt. Maybe you never got one in karate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself a classic J.Crew leather plaque belt or splurge on Tod’s crocodile leather one.

A Subtle Bracelet

Accessories for men or “manccessories” can be tricky. There’s a fine line between adding a subtle piece and overdoing it. We recommend to keep it classy when it comes to men’s jewelry and remember that less is always more.

A look we’re seeing a lot this year is a simple branded brown leather bracelet for men. It’s understated, simple and adds a laid-back vibe to any look.

Fun Pins

Custom lapel pins have made a comeback and are a great way to add some style and character to an otherwise basic outfit. Add one to your favorite T-shirt, denim jacket or even your backpack.

We’re loving the fun and simple ones from Pintrill that have fun skulls, emojis, and even tacos.

Good Sunglasses

Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that flatter your face shape, protect you from the sun and most importantly make you look cool. We’re seeing a lot of tortoiseshell frames in different shades, aviators, mirrored shades and a 70s vibe with round frames.

Lavish Luggage

You’ll probably be traveling soon. isn’t it time you invest in a stylish luggage set instead of that beat up duffle bag you’ve had since sleepaway camp? You could even get a luggage set that’s approved by a supermodel and helps a good cause.

Karly Kloss teamed up with Away to make sleek luggage line in deep greens and purples, and partial proceeds go to her charity Kode with Klossy that helps young girls learn to code.

For other luggage styles, find out more about them here.

A Chic Wallet

You need a good wallet. One that’s not falling apart. Rag & Bone has a great thin cardholder one that won’t crowd up your pockets.

  1. Crew also makes a reasonably priced classic thin one. Or if you want something with a little more style and are ready to splurge, Alexander McQueen has an edgy embellished skull zip coin purse.

A Good Watch

Sure, you could just check the time on your phone, but nothing says style and sophistication like a good watch. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a watch either.

Timex has a great MK1 Chronograph Nylon Strap Watch that’s simple and casual with its black nylon strap. We also love The Commuter Three Hand Date from Fossil, that’s simple with contrast stitching on its brown leather strap. Or we also love Todd Snyder for Timex’s Mod Watch that has a vintage bullseye face.

All of these watches cost less than $150 and are made to last.

A black nylon strap makes the perfect casual watch.

The Best Backpack

Briefcases are out, and backpacks are in. If you work in a casual office, backpacks are the perfect thing to carry everything you need and also make traveling that much easier.

We’re not talking about the Jansport you lugged around grade school. We’re talking about a classic Herschel, fun Adidas, or basic one from Urban Outfitters.

A Cool Key Lanyard

Key lanyards are key to not losing your keys. But there’s a fine line between a fun keychain and looking like a janitor. Which is why we suggest simplifying your keys and key cards and holding it all together with a subtle leather key lanyard.

Have a wedding coming up? You’re going to need a good pair of cufflinks.

Perhaps rock a pair that’s been in your family for years and was handed down by your grandfather. Or maybe you get your own monogrammed ones. Or add a simple and pretty style with some simple silk knot ones.

Go Shopping

Now that you know what the best accessories for men are to add style to your wardrobe, go shopping! It’s worth investing in functional everyday accessories like wallets, key chains, belts, and luggage. Afterall, you likely use these pieces every day, so you want them to last.

The same goes for a good pair of sunglasses and a backpack. These items can add immediate style to your otherwise basic outfit, so choose wisely.

Jewelry like a bracelet or watch can feel a little tricky at first. Just remember less is more, and a subtle understated piece can add a lot to an outfit (without looking like you’re trying too hard).

Still curious about men’s fashion and want to learn more? We got you covered. For more fashion news, inspiration and articles make sure that you check out our blog today.

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